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Private Message added 2008-11-08

NameHeather Magrini
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MessageLiving vicariously through you and your travels..boy do we miss all your stories here at work!

MessageGreat blog, try get your voice heard on, it has an African audience.

Namegaurav singal
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MessageContent and website are good

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MessageYes it is me of the Gratuitous H. Was great seeing you & the hubby in July. Enjoyed the beers, enjoyed the deep fried pepperoni even better! If you can tempt me with delicious beer and scrumptious fare, I may even come & visit you some day! smilie

P.S. love the blogs, keep them coming, so I can dream of the life I might have had...hee are so funny! i've never made googly eyes in my life!

NameCharlina Lunney
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MessageYou are so funny! I really enjoyed reading your blog!!

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I hope all is well. I see that your sense of humor has not left you. Celebrated 10 yeas with Cingular,or as we now say, the "new AT&T". I have almost come full circle. Lots of changes have occurred, but we still can't get rid of some people. At least Poremba has moved on (went to Springfield), I know he was your favorite!!_I will write more later, as I must go to sleep now.

Take care


NameQueen E
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Message'ello. Did you just say 'hello'? No, I said 'ello.

I'm bored. Entertain me. Hey look!!! Its pimp Emi... smilie oh sooo good.


NameChristina Manship
MessageHey. I am so glad I found a way to get in contact w/ you. Anyways I went on leave for my son and when I came back you was gone. Imagine my total disappointment. Hope your having fun travelling the world. Contact me soon.

Namebrian meis
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Messagesiobhan! so glad to have found you. your blog is very entertaining to read. I can't believe you were back in town without a stop back at the old stomping grounds...or maybe you were and I just missed you. still here at cingular... will have to catch up on the rest sometime.

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