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MessageHello, my wife and I will be in T.P. this Sept.12-14., 2019. My great grandmother, Anna Rose DiLuzio, was born in T.P Italy in 1892.Daughter of Pietro and Rosa (Piccoli) DiLuzio. She came to America via Naples when she was 16. Where she met and married my great grandfather, Carmine Piccone, also from Torricella Peligna. If there is anybody with family information, I would love to speak to you and maybe meet you when we arrive.

NameDolores Teti Cavaliere
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MessageReposting this with mother's maiden name!

My mother Addolorata (Tina) Melchiorre Teti was born July 6, 1900 in Torricella Peligna.
She married my father Camillo Teti and they came to the US, first to NJ then settled in South Philadelphia.
Any relatives out there? We'd love to connect with you.

NameRobert Taylor
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MessageGrandson of Felicia Porreca. Modena pa

NameGesualdo Carozza
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MessageComplimenti per le copiose ed interessanti informazioni storiche che avete digitalizzate e pubblicate sul sito ! Thank you very much.

Name Kelsey Trout
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MessageThank you so much for maintaining this website! I've visited often to feel closer to my dear late grandmother Anna Di Cino who came from TP to Denver, CO when she was 12 years old. It is so wonderful to be able to find records about her and her family as well as find out more about where she grew up. She never had a chance to go back, but I hope to visit one day. Please keep it up- there are many of us all over the world who greatly appreciate your efforts to document the past and present of Torricella Peligna!

NameSteve Di Mascio
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What a great website. My Grandmother was born in Torricella in Oct 1897. Her name is Cristina Porreca (1897-1981). Cristina lived in Philadelphia after living Italy. Her Father was Angelo Porreca (1854-1925). I was told their family nickname was Scipp. I was hoping to find more info regarding my family or even relatives still living their. I hope to visit within the next couple of years.

NameWilliam R. DiMarino
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MessagePam and I are looking forward to our visit with our cousins Marziale and Giovanna in September 2017. It's always wonderful to be in Torricella for a few days during our trips to Italy.
We love you!
Bill and Pam DiMarino

NameFelicia (Ficca) Mascarenas
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MessageI am trying to retrace my family but hit a road block. My Father, Ugo Ficca, was born in Torricella Peligna in the Province of Chieti on 13 Dec 1928. He was the son of Marianno Ficca & Felicia Rossi. He had two brothers, Nicola and Camillo. My Uncle Nick came to the US but my Uncle Camillo died during WWII and we never met him and do not have any pictures. I am having great difficulty finding the history of my Grandmother, Felicia Rossi. If any one can help, I would thankful for any help.

Thanks, Felicia

Namemike ficca
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MessageMy wife and I will be visiting Torricella Peligna at the end of September this year 2017. My grandfather, Nicholas Ficca was born there in September of 1884. My great grandfather Camillo Ficca was born there in 1852. I am sure I have some relatives there but that is hard to know for sure. It will be a short stay as we are ending our 3 week stay in Italy with this trip to Torricella.
If someone reads this with advise on what to do there please feel free to reply to my email. smilie

NameAndre and Jane Tringham
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We are coming back to on the 12 of September 2016, for the special reason that we sign the paperwork to buy a house in your lovely town. You will be seeing lots of us from now on. We are looking forward to meeting you and making new friends.
Andre and Jane

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