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I have a question? What set you off to a professional acting career from the Corps and/or a police officer career. I'm a police officer in Ohio that left a career in the musical arts.

Just curious and hats off to you........it's a tough world in both fields

Good luck


NameChuck Parra
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Messagesmilie Hey Joe what do you know...Enjoyed your site and your work on 3rd Watch.Semper Fi Marine and thanks for the visit on TWS.

NameFrancisco Sapia
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Like yourself, I served in the Marine Corp..The Best thing that ever happened to me. I'm a big Sopranos fan as well as thirdwatch..

Ciao e bono fortuna..

NameJennifer Fischer
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MessageDear Joe,

Great to catch up with you last week! I am definately interested in pursuing the USMC events. Actually had breakfast with the woman who approves all charity requests and she would be happy to approve something for us - her husband is a jarhead just like you!

Let me know the next steps.


NameVinnie G.
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MessageGreat web-site. I love your work, keep it up Joe.

Break a Leg & Semper Fi

Vinnie G.

NameWO Dave Gersen
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MessageJoe, Saw that you visited my profile on TWS and checked you out. A real life actor and cop. Awesome. Keep up the good work and continued success to you and yours. Semper Fi!

Dave Gersen

NameMatt Keller
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MessageSemper Fi

NameJoseph Lese
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MessageHey Joe, we must be distant relatives! I go to the Lese/Lisi family reunion each year in Indiana. At any rate, thanks for entertaining us and keep up the good work!

NameJoseph Pantuliano
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MessageThis is how I met Capt.Joe Lisi. In the early 90's my lady friend at the time and a group of her friends wanted to view the July 4th. fireworks on the East River by the U.N. It was closed off except for U.N. personnel. So the officer told me to ask the "boss". I walked over to the radio car and told this uniformed Capt. I was a retired P.O. and he yells over without a bit of hesitation, "officer let them in". I was shocked, having never been treated so well on or off the job by a boss. It didn't end there. We get to the river and another P.O. is talking up to the elevated highway and I hear this Capt. say "officer make sure they get a good spot". I wanted to write a letter of appreciation to the NYPD but was afraid they woulld give him a complaint for being so nice. I few years later I ran into him and thanked him personally. Every once in a while he pops into my life on the streets of N.Y. or in my living room on TV. One time in N.C. on the big screen "The Quiz Show". Joe's a great guy; always kind, and compassionate and uplifting. I'm glad those friends wanted to see fireworks!!!! Joe Pantuliano

NameBobby Uhl
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MessageHi Joe,

Continued success in all your acting endeavors.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Take Care, Bobby Uhl

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