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NameLisa Catalano
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MessageI saw the trailer and I'm very excited about the film. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to ALA this year. I would love to know how my library can obtain a copy. Thanks!

NameJustine Shaffner
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MessageJust an FYI - I just saw the 1st season of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman - an old Norman Lear TV show, and episode 6 has a lot to do with Mary checking out books on relationships of an intimate nature from the library (problems w/ her husband's intimate nature drive - the posting won't let me say "se-"smilie and her embarassment about the whole thing... maybe this would be a good one to include if you ever do a Hollywood Librarian II...

NameErin Sonsona
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MessageHa! What a concept framed with a great sense of humor and history!

It is about time that the storage, retrieval and pure processing of information that we all help guide and promote be featured on the BIG screen! Of course, we continue to encourage everyone to escape in good reads too!

Would all the stars and starlets walk down a "read" carpet? Ha!

On a side note, I just mobilize student aides (JHS) to write persuasive letters to get donations for the library. Great project for all-- besides their and our other duties!

Be well all & keep your sense of humor!

NameElizabeth West
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MessageI'm a Librarian in Santa Fe and I'm planning to attend the ALA convention in June where I'll see the world premiere of your wonderful movie; when I found out that MJ worked on this film, I decided that I couldn't miss it!!!

I'll put a check in the mail right now.

NameKathie Stoppello
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MessageJust as I was mulling over whether to support your film, I noticed a Madison, WI address. That sealed the deal for me! I got a BA and JD from the UW and lived in Madison for 9 years. I am now a law librarian in New Jersey (got my MLS here). As a proud librarian, who is homesick for Madison, you get my support smilie

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MessageHas anyone heard anything about production on The Hollywood Accountant? I suspect that's because not even accountants are such navel-gazers.

In terms of disspelling cliches, anyone who believes the stereotypes of librarians probably thinks that the 1950s were just like Leave it to Beaver (well, except for that whole bloody Korean War business ...). I am a librarian. Whenever approached by someone who still harbours these impressions about the vocation, I feel quite comfortable dismissing them as an illiterate idiots and feel no compulsion to dissuade them from their belief.

Best of luck with the film.

NameAnn Seidl
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It was very hard. It took 7 years for me to make this film, the last 3 years doing nothing else.

Here's one way to put it: You couldn't pay me enough to do it all over again. BUT, I wouldn't trade the last 7 years for all the money in the world.


NameKendra Miller
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MessageHow difficult was this to put together? We have been working on an idea for a film called Pages which would be about the library through a page's eyes. Our hope is to reveal that librarians and library staff are normal, fun people with ton's of hilarious quirks.

But, we are daunted at the idea of the project. My husband is a short film maker and even he is nervous. So, was it a fun kind of hard, or just plain insane?!

It looks great! I can't wait to see it!!

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MessageJust saw the preview & I looking forward to the film. I am so happy that this film will appeal to all people & not just Librarians--who are already aware of their worth. (I hope!)

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MessageThis looks fascinating. Any idea if this will be released in the uk or get a dvd release?

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