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NameChi-Shiou Lin (Shiou)
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MessageHi Ann,

I'm looking forward to the release of the DVD! Will you offer a copyrighted version which allows public playing like in a classroom or in the library? Wanna get a copy for our library and plan to use it in my teaching.

Also, a suggestion - closed captioning will greatly benefit non-native English speaking viewers.

Shiou @ Taipei

NameJennie Kelly
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MessageIs the film coming to the North of the UK at all?

NameLibby Crews Wood
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MessageHaving anticipated the release of this film for years, I continue to wait patiently for Ann Seidl and the Hollywood Librarian to come to my little Wyoming town to grace its state-of-the-art Center for the Arts with this film. I am a teacher and have a 4th grade boy who wants to be nothing else but a librarian. It is for him and all those passionate about learning and self-expression that I want this film to come to our town. smilie

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MessageI found promotional flyers the last time I was on the website, but can't spot them now. What did I do wrong?

NameClaramarie Burns
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I really loved this movie. I had the opportunity to attend a promotional/informational event in the fall of 2003, and was hooked. I have a question - what happened to the material that didn't make it into the movie? I really thought the footage about the book cart drill team was great, and would love a chance to show it to my staff, as we prepare for an event to celebrate our library's 10th birthday. I can't help thinking "hm, DVD - deluxe edition, Director's Cut, call-outs, etc."

Thanks for this terrific, entertaining, thoughtful and beautifully filmed production.

NameAnrelene Scott
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Messagesmilie My staff and I would like to know how we could view the film. We missed it at San Juan College in Farmington, NM. Help!

NameIan Hunter
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MessageI saw the film last evening at the Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) Public Library. It was great!

I think all libraries should buy a copy for their collections.

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MessageWould it be possible to import the film later on? It could be fun to see if you are a librarian living in another country as well..

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