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Messagewe have booking hotels ,trains ,holidays. actions

univers zero canceled 5 days before comming concert.

NameAndreas Gruno
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MessageAuch für mich ist es sehr sehr traurig, in Duisburg nicht dabei zu sein, denn UNIVERS ZERO ist fast wie eine Religion für mich. Jedoch die Entfernung aus der Nähe von Dresden sowie der damit verbundene finanzielle Aufwand, das war nicht zu schultern.
Gibt es denn keine Freaks im Sächsischen, dass wir hier mal was anschieben können?? Bitte melden!

Messagewegen krankheit kann ich konzert in duisburg nicht sehen.
traurig ,da uz nur alle 3 jahre mal tourt.
ich hoffe das sie ein konzert in frankreich oder schweiz machen diesen sommer. : smilie

NameAndrew D'Amour
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MessageI beg of you, please tour the United States sometime soon!

NameGunnar Hanson
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MessageJust been exposed to your music via Pandora and I like what I hear!

Messagei hope to see uz in one band
maby 2012
i will to hear bonjour chez vous smilie
one of the magic short master pieces in 20 century


NameGleb Shikhoff
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MessageWe are all waiting for the new album! Wellcome to Russia, to Siberia! smilie

MessageI just want to let you know that the album Sirius and the Ghosts is misfiled on the iTunes Store as the artist "Davis Denis."

I hope you still get royalties when it sells.

NameFelipe Ferreira
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MessageIt's a great honor to have the opportunity to write some words for you guys! i've been listening to UZ music for a few years, and it's a new discovery at every time! actually, i'm drowned at "clivages" album, and waiting for any video of RIO festival 2011 (i saw that you would be there with present and aranis, is it right??)... to finish my words, a question: would you like to come to brazil? i'm sure that you will get a lot of fans here!
bye, and please keep this avang-garde music going on! cheers!

NameBrian Cook
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MessageI stumbled onto your band during an internet search for King Crimson (I guess that was some genre thing). After looking at your website I was intrigued and later purchased both Live and Implosion. I bought Implosion first and was totally blown out of the water. You guys sounded like nothing I had ever heard before and instantly became my favorite rock band of all time. I sure hope you do another concert in the United States sometime. Only one band comes close in my opinion and that is Van der graaf Generator but they are of a somewhat different genre and if you and they double billed I'd think that I had died and gone to heaven.

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