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NameBill Stephens
MessageThank you gentlemen for all the years of fantastic, imaginative music. I have found it inspirational and it has been part of the soundtrack of my life. I’m grateful for your artistic expression in the midst of the ocean of commercial pablum.

NameJosh Zepeda
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Will the Univers Zero albums from 1983 - 2010 ever be reissued in digital/MP3 format?

Thank you.

Private Message added 2019-09-13

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im read on other uz website ,
there was 45 univers zero concerts in belgium in last time .
and UZ. has plans for tour in 2019 - .is this real ?

NameFred Baggen
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MessageDear Mr. Denis, dear Daniel,

I'm a Dutch writer writing the biography of progressive rock group Supersister. I'd like to enquire if you have any vivid memories of this live performance:

[10] Ecaussines (Belgium), La Maison du Peuple – [supporting Supersister]. The show included a jam session with Ron and Robert Jan from Supersister

Would you be willing to correspond with me about this? Do you happen to know if photos from this performance exist? Thank you in advance for your time and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Fred Baggen
The Netherlands

MessageGreat to see the old site up again.

Keep up the good work ! smilie

Namebun and ralf
Messagelast .

nobody will repeat ourself .
but a little global uz think would be good .
we wish jack ripp -dense- presage-tourjours - it come return to your live set .
you need only a violine in addition.

we are listener

Namebun and ralf
Messagehey,this is a good .heresie remix version

the last heresie remix is more directly in your face and body, like the old atem mix .
the atem version is has a little bit more mystic-lyric from high middle instrumens .its more closed in the global element balance between drum, bass power and viola harmonium,piano, guitar lines, rytmics ,melodics, attacks harmonies .
nobody is perfect . always others
now, the new remix is a good leftover heresie statement for the people in present,.
because the the first cuneiform is very lost .
thank you .

Namebun and ralf
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we have see uz for 8 times in paris,colmar, bruxxel and wuerzburg.etc
my question is:
is there somewhere a audiostream or recording take avaible from the colmar concert include - dense-ronde- presage and tourjours...?

particularly ,ronde is never playing live before, since 1982.
will you play with michel berckmans in future time?
our great wish was : uz are play la faulx,bonjour chez vous or densein future smilie

best regards
bun and ralf

Messageto play in bad doberan is 80 euro for concert
fack zappa bands not intresting.
only magma or napoleon is good ,but the play on other days.
we must pay 700 euro for train, concert hotel and eating drinking .to much
the good side is swimming in east see

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