Get well Jim!

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Private Message added 2018-02-09

NameBruce White
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MessageI'm still keeping the Hot Poop aloha alive here on Maui. I wear my HP hat just about every day. gonna need some new shirts soon.

NameRod Stafford
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MessageHey Jim! Love the store, thanks for helping me find the "Welcome back my friends" ELP album ! Hot Poop will now be a regular stop when I visit Walla Walla...



NameJoel Ross
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MessageJust want to say it is great to see your still in business. I worked for the Green Giant as a college student BACK in the early 1970's as a host of other kids all over the south.Your location was in an old house very cool. Every payday me and the crew would come and buy records. Great to see Walla Walla is still keeping its small town feel. Hope to come back and visit some time. Joel Ross Fort Worth, Tx.

NameCandace sturtevant
MessageHick hop and patchouli oil
Wish you have at 10AM
Poet cj of heartunes
Google me
oo-gle music!

Peace. Love. Happiness

NameMurat DAG

NameLee (Tony) Elwell
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Messageone of the main things, and people I miss about Walla 2. hope you get well and stay awesome.

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MessageJim, you have always been the "Hot Pooper" of Walla Walla. ha,ha,ha,,! smilie

NameAjay (WazzuWallaBoy) Mathison
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MessageHmmm.......not so sure I'm liking that GET WELL JIM moniker. There is no mention about what's up, but I will certainly keep you in my prayers. I hope you're doing extremely well mentally and physically.

You are a class act and I got my love of music buying R&R from you at your old store. Rock & Roll is still king. Born and raised in Walla2 and every time I go home again, it's mandatory that find something I want at the Poop and then it's off to The Ice Berg. Two iconic Walla2 businesses.

You are da man Jim, and I certainly wish you well and much happiness. I want you to know how much you mean to customers and friends, past and present.

Who says that there is no such thing as time travel? Hot Poop is a Time Machine. Thanks for bringing so much joy to all of us.


NameDoug Filan
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MessageHi Jim, You'll be in my thoughts & prayers. I pray you keep getting better & better. You're the Best Jim, and you're one of the nicest guys in Walla2. You don't care who they are you always treat everyone with the same kindness in your Heart. I'm blessed I got to know you. I didn't know what kind of music I really liked until I met you in your little store by the hair shop. I still listen to the same kind of music you turned me on too. And I thank you for that because it make everyday a little better with it blasting in my head.LoL Jim, You would give the shirt off your back to someone if you thought they needed it more then you. I remember being in your little old store and I would see someone stealing something from you and I would tell you & you would never wanted me to go after them because you felt they must really need it for them to steal from you. You have a big Heart for people my friend and I hope it keeps beating for a long long time. Thanks for caring!!

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