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NameCarl M. Cole
MessageI've just found a large portrait photo of Stan Laurel signed and dated "march 1919" in an old wooden chest in my wife's grandmother's basement. It is unquestionably genuine, since it has a message to my wife's great-grandfather, Frank Mason written on it, and he was himself a successful vaudeville singer/comedian at that time, who knew Mr. Laurel personally. (He had a whole collection of signed vaudeville photos in there, and this was just one of them.). I'm not currently looking to sell the photo, just curious about it, and wondering what fans or historians might think of it. Any comments, or advice, would be appreciated.

NameJohn Ellmore
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MessageNames in various countries a good supplement to IntraTent Journal. Thanks.

NameJoe Spliggins
MessageIt's NOT a Model T, it's a 1933 or 34. Model T went out of production in 1927.

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MessageGood day user's. 2+0+1+6

NameBernard Tarry
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MessageNice site! Does anyone know who wrote the words and music of "Lonesome Pine"?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

MessageThank you, thank you, thank you for creating this website. My favorite funny men, and love their dancing! smilie smilie

Namedavid jones
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Messagealways loved these guys, am looking for dvd;s of them. tara,,

NameClaudio Angeloni
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Great work, keep updating it!

NameDave Cooper
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MessageLove the site, keep up the good work

NameAndre Henning
Messagesmilie You're the Best , I like your films it brings back so much memories of the good old days.Regards Andre Henning (South Africa) smilie

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