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NameNick Luciano
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MessageI've loved the boys since I was a little kid.
I have almost all the talkies.
My son is hooked! I'm sure he will pass it down to his children. "They will live forever"

Namepaul smeets
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I just visited your great website about Laurel & Hardy, my compliments smilie

Just wanted to let you know that Laurel & Hardy in Dutch ---> De dikke en de dunne <--- means "the fat one and the thin one". Furthermore, they are also called Laurel & Hardy in the Netherlands, just like americans do.

Good luck with your website smilie

Greetings, Paul

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Messageit's ok

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NameMark Nedel
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MessageBig Business Tent Oasis #16 Cleveland, OH.

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MessageHi I have Stan Laural and Oliver Hardy wind up porclein music figureines about 12 in high. cannot find any where to find out how much they are worth, where do you find howmuch they are worth. cannot find on any web site or e-bay, so they must be rare. who can I contact for a price? Thanks **************************Webmasters note, Please send us a picture of the figures, then we can assist you.************************

Namemark keane
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MessageHi...I grew up watching laurel and hardy...they bring some of my fondest memories....I have a Vespa scooter and am getting the panels wrapped I am trying to get some pictures to create a theme..is there anyone that can help or give me any ideas...many thanks mark***********************webmasters note, Please can you send us photos of your Vespa scooter when you get the panels wrapped ***********************

NameJim Azzara
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MessageMany of my friends and I stay sane by often quoting dialogue tidbits to each other from L&H films.

E.g.: "...now listen, dodo, YOU keep out of this..!"

This is a wonderful website, but I see that the last update was August 2010. Is it still active?

Many thanks for your efforts setting it up,
Jim A./Missoula, Montana************* Webmasters note, YES the site has recently been updated! ***************

Namemichael j rosse
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Messageinformative site - i am looking for any material from which i can write a play about the duo. very early stages in what i hope will be an interesting project.

cheers ******************** Webmasters note, Good luck with the play, keep us informed! *******************

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