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NameMcKenzie Morris
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Messagesmilie What a wonderful and informative site.
I was dx'd back in 2004 and am now looking at possibly starting Tysabri. Your diary section is helping me with making this decision.
Thank you! smilie

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MessageMy beautiful 38 yr old wife is waiting for an MRI to confirm MS. The neurologist, while trying to be supportive, basically told us to expect RRMS.

We know a number of people with MS, including my wife's aunt, and prior to our appointment we had a reasonable knowledge of the various paths that it can take.

I'm glad that we live in Alberta because Google always tries to be geographically relevant. Because of this, when I was researching MS, the MSRC, Best Best Diet, and Dr. Emery kept showing up in search results.

In this confusing roller coaster of emotions pre-diagnosis state that we are currently in, we've found hope and a pro-active action plan that is founded on scientific research. She's adopted the BBD whole heartedly, and I expect her to continue with it throughout her life. (regardless of diagnosis). She has noticed positives from it already and has only been following the diet for 2 weeks.

Fortunately my wife loves exercise and for the last 10 years has been quite diet conscious as well so the adjustments may not be as radical for her as for some others, though the daily handful of supplements is taking some getting used to.

She's truly a strong and wonderful lady and we'll be sure to keep you posted on her progress. Feel free to contact us for research purposes. Many thanks.

NameAlec Dewdney
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MessageMy wife's Neurologist from the MS linic in Kingston Ontario Canada introduced to the Resource Centre yesterday. I have spent about 30 mins exploring it and am very impressed with the scope and depth of information. I will be checking the site on a regular basis. Thanks for your work. smilie smilie

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MessageHello all you brave people,
My name is Nancy and I was diagnosed last year for MS. My first relaps was In July and sadly after a huge emotional setback ( my partner left me after the diagnose) I had a second relaps in December, both relapses on the eyes.The result is a lifetime treatment with Avonex, once a week. It saddens me because the docs told me I could live life without further relapses ( after the first one ) but now I have to take the treatment because the stress about the break-up was to much for me. The side-effects are hard but it will get better I hope. Positive thinking is my first priority ...

NameLee Joslyn
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MessageSorry, but today i'm Debbie Downer. Finished 5 IV methylprednisolone infusions and have six days left on the oral taper. I feel totally useless. I was diagnosed in '93 when my fourth child was 21 mo. old. My older sister died at 48 from MS. She was diagnosed in 1954; I was 2 yrs old. She graduated as an RN but only worked for about two years before total disability. I'm 59 and stopped working due to multiiple physical challenges nine years ago. I would love to work, cook, clean, shop, do laundry, etc. I have lost touch with all my old friends. I know they have busy lives. Eight years ago my 24 yr old nursing student daughter was murdered. Cheers, D.Downer Sorry!

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MessageHi All,

I have just recently been diagnosed with RRMS. I am thankfully well at the moment though my eyesight in one eye is still poor afte Optic Neuritis. I start on Copaxone in about a months time. A bit nervous about a daily injection but hey, if it keeps me well it must be worth the anxiety. I hope other of you that read this remain well and positive.

Wish me luck.

Best to everyone.

Paul smilie

NameAngela Spinou
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MessageFirst symptoms 1990.Eventually diagnosed 2006, mainly through having a lumber-puncture. 15 months on beteferon,must have worsened on the MRI.last 4+ years on Tysabri. can't say as i have had any remissions or symptoms getting better. bound to wheelchair/bedridden for last 3 years due to UTI along with a 40degree fever, up until then hobbling round the house on crutches. because of spasticity have scoliosis at the tail end of spinal cord. thankfully got a wonderful husband who not only does everthing for me but for the house as well. like everyone else by chance this site was found. very informative, easy to understand, from the comments in the guestbook going to give the diet a try [nothing to loose other than a few kilos and if it helps rid me of ms whoose gonna complain?]keep hope fellow sufferers,there is so much research going on, it's just a matter of time for a cure to appear. there's always a reason for everything.
excercise as much as and as often as you can. smilie

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Messagei dont know what to say...that was my first thought. i get irritated when people that know me well say things like, "but theres nothing wrong with you" ect and all that gab. three days ago i told my brother and he couldnt believe it and he said, "your lying". i was taken aback by this, it hurt my feelings that he would say that. in any case my diagnosis is still not confirmed and its frustrating because if it is so i would like to start the proper treatment as fast as possible. i saw the doc this morning and he said its going to take "trial an error" whatever that means. but i said to him "i am so tired of the dizzyness and strange feeling in my lower back and that my toes go missing smilie not sure how or where they go but some days they arnt there, also i get pins an needles in my hand and pains in my chest ect..' the doc gave me some prescription medication for dizzyness and some other anti convulsant they give to epileptics. i wish i had someone to talk to, my own wife thinks im nuts...honestly she does, and that makes me think that maybe im losing it too. i dont know what to make of it, cat scans have shown nothing, i had a full medical and im fine. thus the frustration. if any of you can afford some advice with dealing with these family members let me know, im so tired of this now. i cant even play golf anymore, coz when im in the sun its worse. any help would be appreciated...awaiting some diagnosis.

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MessageGetting up the nerves (forgive pun) to start my testing. Been looking at signs and symptoms for years but also living in denial. My ex has MS, quite a few folks from H.school and what seems to be an inordinate number of people in my local have MS. So it's 3:00AM, I am increadibly tired and cannot sleep and the ringing in my ears is overwhelming the TV. Really just looking for information and some-one to tell me it's going to be Ok'

thanks.... g

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