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NameAndy Brown
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MessageHi Nonington!!! I had some happy days and good times when I was at the college in the early 80s!!! (ARGGGGG!!! HOW OLD AM I?) Keep updating the site...

NameCarolyn Shortland nee Lane
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MessageMick Shortland and I were at Nonington CPE from 1971 to 1976. After qualifying we stayed in the Dover area for a few years and often drove past the college. So many happy memories which all came flooding back this weekend as we had a college reunion in Birmingham for our year group. It was attended by about 25 ex students with so many stories of the college and the village. We also had a great many photographs between us which had us in stitches. Have also been ready some of the posts from other ex students on this guest book. Really pleased I have found site. Thank you.

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MessageGreat website. My Grandmother lived in Holt St. for many years. Visited many times as a child/teenager.

NameIngrid Stanton nee Cardon
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MessageSpent 3 brilliant years at Nonington CPE 67-70,in Old Court House my first year then the remainder with the wonderful Mr & Mrs Ledner. I felt so privileged to have studied here and remember it with great affection

NameHeather Measday
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MessageHi, i have had the pleasure of visiting Nonington on many occasions and have also attended the church services many times. My husbands family came from there many moons ago. (Ann Ways Measday) wife of Thomas Measday his many times great gran is buried there we hope Thomas is also buried there but have not been able to find this out to date. We have also found relatives buried in Womenswold and Wingham. There are still Measday's living in the area Will have to pay a visit soon and carry on the research. We normally stay at a farm just outside Eastry but unfortunately ill health is slowing us down at present. Look forward to 2014 and back to our old stamping grounds.We believe there may be a book about the village by Aubrey Sutton, but there again no luck on being able to find a copy. Well here's wishing everyone a cheerful xmas and healthy new year to all family and friends in Nonington.

NameGillian Newport
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MessageI was having a bit of a moment, remembering earlier days and student life in Nonington. I'm fifty in a couple of weeks and was looking on line for some connection with my youth. I have some very happy memories and I never left. I met my husband who is canterbury born and bred and have many friends from the surrounding villages. Nonington was a fantastic college, I was there 1982-1985 and it closed to students in 1986. I still occasionally drive past. It's just sad that people lose contact, understandably, but if the college was still running as a college, I think reunions would be more commonplace. I went to a reunion in 2010, very excited, yet I was the only one there from my three year stint and that was sad. Oh well.

NameGraeme Arnott
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MessageIt looks like you live in a very beautiful part of the world. We hope to visit the area in April-May 2014 and I would particularly like to see Nonington and the surrounding area, as I understand that I have a family link to the area of Nonington, Womeswold, Hougham and Capel Le Ferne going back to 1500 with the family name Spearpoint. Should I bring my brolly though?

NameBarbara C. Morden
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MessageI am investigating Nonington as part of my research for a major biography of the artist Dame Laura Knight. Laura's Uncle Arthur lived at The Limes in his retirement from 1908 to 1931. Her sister ('Sis'smilie Eva Croft also lived in the village with her husband and family at a house called The Firs. Any further information would be welcome! Dr Barbara C. Morden

NameDes Tritton
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MessageI was born at Barham 1944, moved to Bridge at eight years. At the age fifteen I used to cycle to Nonington to the Abbotts dary next to the Church. Courted Anne Scothorn for 3 years. her father was the local milkman. I Migrated late 1969
Have fond memories of the area. also remember relatives (The Beer family) Now Im living in Queensland Australia owning a large property
Now retired, volunteering as a local radio presenter.

NameMichael Fitzgerald
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MessageHello to all, I used to live in nonington from 1966 to 1976 firstly in park view rise then easole heights with my parents Gordon and Elizabeth, I went to the primary school then Dover gramnar. It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers those great years. Hello George buss if you read this it would nice to hear from you, also Laurie and Lucille ill tell my mum and dad that you've been on here. If anyone would like to get in touch from those distant but good times please email me on the following [email protected] or on facebook, thsnks for a very good and informative website.

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