Thank you for visiting my guest book. Thanks to those who have signed it, stating who you're looking for, and about your roots. Do you know the province or area in Poland your family was from? Did your relatives immigrate to America, another country, or is your family still in Poland? I love hearing other people's stories. I find it inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, Julie

Note:  In the blog title section, under "pages" there is now a "blog title surname index" page. This index I created is for names you write about. Had glitches since Feb 2014. It now appears to be fixed and I've updated the surname index. If you would like your guestbook post to be a blog post, let me know.

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NameChristopher Sanetra
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MessageBetter info - My great grandparents were Joseph Michael Sanetra and Rose Mrozek Sanetra. They moved from Chicago to Laporte, Indiana with my grandfather Charles Joseph Sanetra. My grandfather married Wanda Julia Zyzak who emigrated with mother Julia Zyzak from Zywin, Austria (maybe Zywiec?) Ellis Island document spells their name Zyzok. My grandmother's parents perhaps died early and my grandmother tried to keep the family together. She emigrated with sister Janna (Jean to us) and parents had at least 3 other children. My great grandfather Joseph had 2 other children - Michael who died at birth and Anna (Nawrocki). My father is Charles Joseph Sanetra Jr and has 3 sisters - Florence Benko, Julie Kime, and Louise Arndt. I have 2 boys - Steven Charles and Ryan Christopher. I live in Vermont as that is where my job took me, but I was born in Laporte. I've always wondered whether I was related to any of the Sanetra's in Chicago and other places and perhaps I am. smilie

NameChristopher Sanetra
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Just ran across your page looking for relatives. I don't know much about my relatives in Poland. My father's (Charles) parents emigrated from Poland around the beginning of World War I. I've seen Ellis Island documents of my grandparents Charles Sanetra and Wanda Zyzak coming from Austria or Galacia. I believe at least one of them was from Krakow area. I know my great grandfather was Jozef Sanetra (born around 1860?). They got married in Laporte, Indiana and had relatives in Chicago.

NameJames David Dombrosky
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MessageMy great grandfather is listed as: Frank Dombrowski born May 1860 either Austria, Poland or Russia depending upon the source. I Have his death cerficate as Frank Dumbrowski dated 21 Feb 1910 in Newport,Luzerne, Penn.1900 Census list him @ Scranton, Pennsylvania as Frank Domroski. Confusing yes! He had two wives not sure on that one: a Catherine Gondek and Mary Sewezyk. His kids I can track, but it is a brickwall for him. He was a miner as were his male kids. His burial place is in Moscow, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. Any help appreciated! smilie

NameCarol Bogaski
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MessageMy husband's great grandmother was a Kwiatkowski and this is how I found this website via Ancestry!

NameChristie Arreola
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MessageHi, I am searching for my great-great grandfather Jan Pindel.
Update: Hi, Julie I should have given some more info for my great-great grandfather that might help smilie. He was born in June of 1872-1874 and traveled to America from what I can tell twice. Once in 1899 and the second time was with my great-great grandmother Karolina (Pindel) Krzyzowska and two of their small children in 1905. They had 12 children (4 died under 2 yrs. old or at birth). Would love to find out more of my families history. Thank you!

NameRebecca Row Lemke
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MessageI am looking for Polish last names of Mudrak, Novosacka, or Nowosadska or Nowosadski, Pilczuk or Pilcsuk, Zydel and Szpotawicz. My husand Randy Lemke is looking for Skierecki, and Krucian.

Thanks for any help,

NameBarbara Matuszek Marchitto
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MessageI see that you have a photo of a Julia Matuszek on your page. That name is one that appears on my family tree. Would you know what the names of her parents/siblings are? I'm curious if they are _
I do know Julia's siblings and parents. I will send you a message. Julia's siblings were: Karolina and Wladslaw. Her parents were Franciszek Matusek and Paulina Buerger. -Julie

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