Thank you for visiting my guest book. Thanks to those who have signed it, stating who you're looking for, and about your roots. Do you know the province or area in Poland your family was from? Did your relatives immigrate to America, another country, or is your family still in Poland? I love hearing other people's stories. I find it inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, Julie

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NameTracy Adams
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MessageIt has been great finding my 1st cousin, Ida Eggert's, husband Ervin Senetra. I've learned quite a bit by reading your blog. It's sad how things happened during the flu epidemic. I look forward to reading more.

Best Regards

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Namewaloszek johan
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MessageI try to find some information about my Polish ancestors from my grandmothers side.
My grandmother was WCISLO Victoria born at Karsy Greboszow Tarnow on 17 july 1899. She was the daughter of WCISLO Ludovicus and ZARZYCKA Maria. She left Poland with her husband Waloszek Stanislaw round about 1920 they first went to France, afterwards to Belgium, later in the 1950 to the USA.
I try to find information about the reason why people left Poland around this time (early 1900). I also try to find some information about the kind of profession my great-grandfather could have had in a place like Tarnow Greboszow.

Private Message added 2014-07-07

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MessageHello,nice blog.wish you a fine day,
greetings Dini
NameAgnieszka Kubas
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MessageGood morning,
I live in Poland and I am from neighbourhood of Żywiec. I am historian. I investigate history of our region. Perhaps I found something in archives about people, which you described on blog. I am going to check it carefully. If I will find something interesting, I can send you photo of documents.

From my family I found out that sister of my great-grandfather probably emigrated to USA before World War II. She's name was Jadwiga Kubas. Unfortunately, I don't know where she settled in USA and what she did there. I know only. that she wrote letters and send gifts to my family after the war. I would find this letters. Maybe it will help me to know something about Jadwiga. I have one question - maybe you saw something about this woman? I know that search of information is not nearly possible now. But I leave information about Jadwig, which I know:

Jadwiga Kubas
Date of birth: 27.09.1883
Place of birth: Szare (Milówka); Poland
Father's name: Wawrzyniec
Mother's name: Justyna

Maybe soon I will find something else.

And of course, If you are interested in information from archives - maybe about your family (before 1918), please write to me e-mail.

Agnieszka _ Hi Agnieszka, I will email you. Here is a possibility: A Jadwiga Kubas immigrated, arriving in Ellis Island 11 Oct 1910. I will email you a link to it. It looks like it says she is from Sczare, & it looks like it says she left the father you say. The handwriting is terrible. It says she is going to a cousin in Detroit, I think the name is Karol Capand. I'll see if I can find more and get back to you. Thank you for your offer to look things up! so generous! Warmest Greetings, from Virginia, in the United States.

NameAnn Reed
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MessageHi! I am researching my Grandma's family, surname Czarnecki. Her parents were both Polish immigrants who met and married in Chicago in 1908 before moving to their final location in Brant Twp Michigan. Great Grandpa Joseph Czarnecki, (also seen the first name spelled Josef) was rumored to have been from Austria but his WWII draft card (he was 56 yrs old at the time so he never fought in the war) has his birth place as Zywiec Poland 12-28-1885. I am hoping to find some more clues so I can continue with my research.
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MessageWitam, znalazlam Twoj profil tak przez przypadek.
Moja rodzina/ Sanetra pochodzi z Zywca. Czyli przodkowie mojego dziadka - ojca matki. Ja tez nazywam sie Sanetra i obecnie moja rodzina mieszka w Czechowicach Dziedzicach a reszta w Zywcu. I nie bardzo ja znam. ____ Thank you for signing my guestbook. I wonder which Sanetra family you are from and if you know my family? I will send you a message. I'm glad you found me. -Julie

NameMaria Picker
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MessageI have just found out that my grandfather Hnat Demczyszyn was born in Zablocie on the 2 January 1907. He was married before he met my grandmother Zofia Florko (I think this is the correct spelling) who was born in Przemyśl on the 2 January 1912.

They were both previously married before the war and I dont know what happened to my grandfather's first family. The only thing I do know is that my grandmother thought her first family had passed away during the war. She saw her first husband and daughter in Lviv during 1941 or 1942. She didnt approach them as she was pregnant with my mother to Hnat.

She found out later that they may have immigrated to Canada.

My grandfather immigrated to Australia in 1949 and he had a sister who also immigrated to Australia. I know she had a son who went into the mility but I dont know what there names were.

I would love to contact any family that I have in Europe and Australia. I would like to also know if my grandparents had any other brothers and sisters and what happened to their first ____ Wow, your family moved far which is hard trying to track down/ reunite with family. I'm glad you signed the guestbook and hope that someone finds your post. Your surnames will be in my name index, under the "pages" part of my blog. Best wishes in reuniting soon! -Julie

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