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NameRicardo Maia
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MessageIt was so good to have found this site to the memory of Marks and Co. I did not have the lucky to be able to visit London but one day I will be able and I want to visit what now is the ground floor of 84 Charing Cross Road.
Greetings to all
Health & Peace

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MessageMy neighbor gave me this book yesterday(dec.2015) and because she was so animated about this book I went right home and read it....a very different read from my usual topics. Excellent book and story. Now I will go out and get the movie which has my favorite actor, Anthony Hopkins in it. Neighbors are a great source of great reading!

NameVivian Wu
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MessageI'm a huge fan of Helene Hanff.Lately I'd been reading her THE DUCHESS OF BLOOMSBURY STREET record her wonderful trip in London in 1971.In the diary of July 15 she worte:

Ken Ellis of the London Reader's Digest came around this morning with his pretty assistant and a photographer, to take my picture. I put up the usual squawk but my heart wasn't in it and I trotted meekly back to 84 Charing Cross Road with them and had my picture taken sitting on the window sill of the bleak, empty upstairs room.

Do you have this picture metioned above? I really want a copy of it! Thank you.

BTW,since I'm in China I don't know if you can send e-mail to me successfully,God bless me!

NameHR Chambers
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MessageGreetings from Alaska,
I just found the 84 Charing Cross Road movie. I loved it and decided to look for more information about the place and people.
Thank you very much for the comprehensive website on the subject. Still reading here. ;-)

NameVera Chung
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MessageJust finished the movie. I am a book lover, also have the extreme passion for UK. This story make me add a new wish place to visit--the 84 Charing Cross Road. I hope I can have the chance to just look at the shop, imagine it was still the old Mark's bookshop and give it a kiss with all my love.

NameNancy Childress
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MessageSo nice to come back to this wonderful site to see what others feel about the wonderful book and movie. When I visited London, years ago, I tried to find the old shop not realizing it was no more.
I can understand a little of the sadness Helene had. She, of course, missed meeting Frank, while I only missed seeing the book store..

NameTom Simunsen
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MessageIt seems life has turned full circle. I visited this page in April 2009. I am now studying literature at University as a mature age student. One of the books that we will be studying is 84 Charing Cross Road. As I excitedly started to quote passages from the book I was asked to please let the other students have a chance to read it for themselves and write their own reports. I still have my very well worn copy, with loose pages and worn spine. I will never part with it as it means so much to me. (read my previous entry to understand why) It has that well read touch and smell. It is a beautiful story that transcends time. Thank you for letting me share. Tom Simunsen

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MessageThank you for this wonderful website. It was a delight to discover that such this tribute to a wonderful story already so many years old, and that the site is still updated today.

I'm a 25 y.o. who has been lazily trying to find a good audiobook after falling in love with the BBC4 radio dramatization of Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere' and wanting more. I picked up the audiobook for '84' at the local library, having heard of the book title but with no idea what it was about.

I was thoroughly charmed by the story and growing friendship between HH, FPD and everyone else whose lives were touched by HH's generosity and humour. Juliet Stevenson & John Nettles were fantastic along with the supporting cast - I wonder if the same feelings would have evolved if I had been introduced to this story via the printed word. The romantic in me rejoiced when FPD's letters became more familiar and I was always attentive to the salutations used to begin and end each letter.

Having noted from the description the year Frank died, I grew anxious listening to the last letters from Frank, even while delighting in the warmth and humour that had taken such a long time to show itself. I was brought to tears by the end. I can't wait to relive the story again when I manage to get a copy of the book and movie.

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MessageLoved the movie! wonderful website.

NameLarry Robinett
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MessageWOW, I agree that this is a GREAT SITE that helps to keep the memory of Marks and Co. alive and well!!! I was lucky enough to be able to visit London between Christmas and New Year and now the ground floor of 84 Charing Cross Road is a very nice restaurant and it's web site is:

By the way it's official address is 24 Cambridge Circus, but that's because it's on Cambridge Circus across from the Palace Theatre.

While I was in London I also really enjoyed the Churchill War Rooms Museum and Bath, England too!

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