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Private Message added 11-05-2016

NameSteven Howard
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MessageMy Dad was on this ship 1946-1947. love all things about this great ship and the sailors.

NameRay J O'Neil
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MessageI Served on the USS RANDOLPH from 1954 until 1957
I made 3 Med cruises and 2 Caribbean cruises.
I worked in the print shop for 39 months, we did printing for the captain & 6th fleet. We were in Athens, Greece in 1957 & my time was almost up so they flew me back to the United States. I was discharged out of Brooklyn, NY in Dec 1957.

NameDon Jary
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Website- if anyussrandolph.com
MessageIn response to the entry below re Chi Chi Jima and George Bush, I highly recommend you read the book "Flyboys" by James Bradley. It is about 6 pilots and flight crew members who flew off the Randolph that day at Chi Chi Jima, as well as George Bush. They were shot down that day and were eventually murdered by the Japanese. It is kind of special knowing that we walked those same passageways as those guys did. It is an excellent book, I can't recommend it enough!

NameDon Jary
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Website- if anyussrandolph.com
MessageFYI, I am the creator of this website. I know it needs work but technology seems to have overtaken me. I still try though.

Now, the reason I am writing in the guestbook is that per the last entry, I think I knew Singletary and Bish... those names are very familiar to me. I was MM3, worked in Main Control / #1 engine room and Generator Gang. 1960-1963. I am
in contact with Al Huff and Rich Franek. Also remember Div Officer LV Edwards, Chief Martin, Chief White, MM1 Cook, MM2 Ashley... a big pain in the ass, sorry Ashley but you were. Also Tacket, Huff, Forsythe, Allen, Murphy brothers, Langrell, Golden, Eisenbach, Timmons, St Claire, both Armstrongs- a black guy and a White guy, Hegler and so many others.

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end....

NameCharles Hall
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MessageServed from July 1968 until being discharged in Boston in November 1968 when the Randolph was being decommissioned. Did the Rio cruise working the small boats as EN3 shuttling those on liberty back and forth as we were anchored in Rio harbor. My bunk was in the forward auxiliary diesel. Remember a couple of guys. Carl Bish. Singletary still owes me $10!
Hated to see her decommissioned. She had a great history.

NameJack Stanton
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MessageMy Dad, Jack Stanton, a Petty Officer 1st Class was on the Randolph throughout her service in WWII. He kept a diary the whole time. The only thing he scratched out was his entry from when the Kamikaze hit. I remember him telling me about that night. There was a movie on deck that had been shown several times. He and a buddy were watching it, but having seen it before they were bored and decided to go below. 10 minutes later the plane hit. I won't go into any more detail out of respect for any family members that lost a loved one, but needless to say it was horrific.
On a brighter note, the Randolph pulled a downed flyer out the drink during the assault on Chi Chi Jima, who went on to some pretty great things, George H.W. Bush!

NameJohn Lesko
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MessageI was aboard with VS39 as an AT2 for the war college demonstration cruise in 1959. We visited New York and Quebec. I graduated AT A school in Memphis in 1956. I spent two years at NAS Oceana, before my assignment with VS39 ar Quonset Point, RI. I went on and got an EE from Pitt, and then worked 42 years at NASA.

Private Message added 06-11-2016

NameDavid McCormack
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Website- if anyNashua
MessageMy dad William F, Ellis served on the USS Randolf from 1955 to 1959 and he passed away in February of 2016. I am trying to find his shipmates from the USS Randolf.

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