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NameTerry DeRoche 2nd Clasee Sonarman
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MessageServed 1967 and 68. Wish to remember Lt. J.G Sorenson.

NamePhilip Eastman
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Message"E" Division, EM2. Watchstander in Firerooms/Turbine Generator. Worked out of Lighting Shop and Battery Locker.
Came aboard 12/67 after spending a year in Vietnam on LST-1032.
Randolph spent a lot of time in the Pensacola area, serving as landing platform for future Naval Aviators. A trip to Saint Thomas. Then Operation Springboard...Crossing the line...Shellback...trip to Rio!
On our return to Norfolk, we stopped in Barbados for a booze run. Then ship received word that we were going to be decommissioned. Returned to Norfolk, then a trip to Boston Naval Yard for a cold winter of closing the ship up, for its final destination. This was the winter of 68 and Jan/Feb of 1969.
I left the Randolph in February, orders were cut for a lot of us to report to the USS Yorktown CVS-10 in Norfolk.
Randolph was a good ship, made some great friends, had some good Liberty.
I only stayed on the Yorktown till November 1969, then my enlistment ended!

Namefrank bitondo ak3
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Messageaviation supply wss my station, 61 to 62 .jerry ney , earnie black just to name a couple of good friends happy new year.

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Website- if anyhttp://timpson.eu/home.php

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MessageI served aboard the Randolph from 5/62 until 2/66 I was in V-2 DIVISION. lOTS OF GREAT MEMORIES.

NameBill D. Jones
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MessageHelped provide military funeral honors today for Edwin Ray Hall, a WWII USS Randolph crewman. Ray lived in Kingsport, Tenn. He passed away at age 90. He is reported to have lied about his age and joined the Navy at about age 16.

Namea. buenaflor fmr qm
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Messagemr. hay, regarding uss randolphs bell, there were three I in the pilot house, 1 in the quarterdeck shack ,and the large bell, on the forward catwalk. one of the anchors is at a high school campus in n, jersey. for the bells , I would guess one location may be I col. Williamsburg, as that where peyton Randolph sat in office. info may be at hand from the naval historic ctr. served in Randolph jan 63 to apr 66.best of luck in search. as you may Randolph was scrapped in Kearny n.j. 73

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