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Namegoblin swixxie
Messagecool website but needs more uhhhh heavy drinking and sex and drugs and gambling and violence

Messagefeliz jueves smilie

Namelightning mcqueer
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Messagecan i get a large pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of root beer. and an order of mozzarella sticks. and size 13 bowling shoes. do you guys have daytona USA here

MessageAbsolutely rad page
Tried to talk one of my friends into doong something old fashioned like this but they wanted a sleek modern thing. Go figure.
Keep on bowling smilie

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MessageDo you think we are alone in the universe?

I don't. We were never alone.

All that is and all that will ever be is a rounding error, you know. Specks of dust in the eternal void, asking big questions and expecting big answers.

So I think it's important to remember what we have; each other, warm sunlight, soft grass, frogsong and the smell of rain.

The frog sings because it knows it is not alone, and fears more than anything to be proven wrong. In that way, we are very much alike.

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