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Messagei ranfdomly fund thsi thorugh webring whats ur soudncloud i wanna add to playlsit

MessageSUPER COOL SITE !!! Been watching your yt vids in the background while browsing I love your vibe your opinions are real and true and your art rocks hardcore!! I'll wait til my ears are kinder to me to get into your music bc im very curious about it smilie smilie

Namekool kats
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Messagehey I love your art and music it makes me not want to kms and I love drawing your character I'm probally gonna send some to your email because your really fucking cool smilie

Nameraine kickflip
Messagethank you tommis, that's pretty much exactly what ive been trying to do with my art and waking up to that message made my day <3

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Messagehello ms paint dog I like your monologues
and your continued adherence to the glory days of the web with a bona fide guestbook and animated smilies.

Particularly like your stuff that's focused on analysis (particularly the modernism++ discussion/"be a cringe loser" videos) since you seem to like deeply properly understand art without being pretentious about it, and have a good way of explaining what you feel/how it be.

As a creative myself I can safely say you have had a footprint (pawprint lol) on how i approach making music/how deep into the self-expression rabbit hole I dare to go.

keep doing cool/experimental shit yo smilie

NameClemi psdx
Messagerhyme from the world ends with you smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie

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Messageepic website pal smilie

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Messagehi rhyme twewy fan raine i enjoyed your video about anime girls with autism. i also believe she/they haruko should probably be on mood stabilizers

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Messagesmilie hi smelly stinky butt :3

Namenora feltflwrpetals
Messagewoa smilie

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