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MessageThe Fraudulent Brand that calls itself "MaxIgan" works for the Government, and there is evidence to suggest that "MaxieBoy"Rowe is, of all things, associated with the Australian Police. He of course tried to lie to his "followers" because he lies about Everything to protect His masonic people. The questions are these: 1. WHO IS DR. KATHY ROWE in relation to RejectConstable"MaxIgan" Rowe? 2. WHO IS THIS "SON" "IAN ROWE" that "MaxIgan the Fraud" speaks of? 3. IS KEN ROWE DEAD, ALIVE, or did he NEVER EXIST in the first place? 4. How come Constable Crusty the Clown "DickHead" Rowe has never spoken of his Very close relationship to Scott Morrison?

NameBasil Throckmorton
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