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NameMarinus van den Berg
MessageThanks for the old libmysql.dll!!

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NamePhilippe Pinçon
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MessageJe crois bien que l'on animal préféré est un félin Luxembourgeois.
Bien amicalement
Travail remarquable d'un inactif bien plus vaillant que bien des salariés ou autres

NameAly Lutgen
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OccupationHomeless programmer
MessageBeing the first one to sign myself the guestbook of my website, I hope that those visitors, who like what I do, who downloaded here some software, that they consider being useful or fun, who found here some helpful tutorial or interesting article, who simply want to support my lifestyle and the continuation of the site, will do so, too.
I like what I do, even a lot. But, it's also hundreds of hours of work. As all, you find on my site, is entirely free, your message in my guestbook is the only reward, that I can hope for.