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NameVance Holmes
DateMay, 19, 2023
MessageNathan -- I'm sorry about your brother, Matthew Schiess. Yes, I remember the case to this day. And yes, I'm still following and looking into all of these cases. Thank you for your message. It means a lot to me. Take care.

NameNathan Tempel
DateMay, 19, 2023
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MessageHello Mr. Holmes I'm the oldest brother of Matthew Schiess. This is the very first time seeing and or reading all the articles about all the missing men. I'm glad there's someone else out there that believes that my little brother and all the others didn't die or drown accidentally!

NameEllen D
DateJan, 10, 2023
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MessageI'm sorry, I know you believe he's guilty, but after reading your entire "evidence " file and everything else on your page, more than the majority is based on rumors, statements from biased "witnesses", angry relatives, and "evidence" not in the actual case file, statements that have been disproven,conjecture,and just plain junk science that has been proven to be corruption, lies, perjury, and statements given by people who ere proven to be corrupt liars who were fired for such. Ask yourself "If I was accused of and charged with a major crime, would I want a fair, true trial with no BIAS AND CORRUPTION ", or would you be comfortable with Duane Deaver, Debra Raddish, Freida Black, the NC SBI, and your own personal senxuality and past mistakes and lies on trial on trial...Lies and infidelity do not a murderer make...

NamePoetic Justice
DateSep, 30, 2019
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MessageIt has taken a long time, but finally, I have a guestbook again!