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hey friends its nice to see your post i just wanted to know more about the website can anyone help? need to know more about this.

NameFaigy & Ari Gilder
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MessageThank you so much for a lovely evening! The food was fantastic, as was the wine and cocktails, and we met such interesting people as well. It's rare to be able to attend this kind of event when one keeps kosher, so we really appreciated the opportunity. It was definitely a unique and worthwhile evening!

NameNuchem & Shoshana Schwartz
MessageThank you for the lovely evening. It was nice to spend an evening out in an intimate setting with good food 7 music. So hard to find that type of thing anywhere.

MessageI wanted to thank you again for your donation of the Hester evening to the Park Slope Jewish Center. It was a very generous donation and we were delighted to be able to simultaneously support our synagogue community and have a fabulous evening. It was really fantastic in every way: the food, the music, the atmosphere and the company, and my husband and I can't stop talking about it. Made extra special because we realized last night it was the 15 year anniversary of our Hebrew anniversary!

NameShlomo & Shifra
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MessageLast nights event was awesome - great food, great entertainment and such a fresh rustic environment.
We definitely recommend you to try out the Hester Expericence!!

Check out some pics here - amp;type=1

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Messagelast night was great. food service music etc

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MessageThe food was amazing! The salad and dessert was what stays with me most: what wonderful flavors and presentation. The fish was moist and perfectly prepared, and the roasted heirloom eggplants were delicious. You're a very talented chef and the seasonal/local selection is a joy to eat!

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MessageI had an awesome time at the cooking class! It was fun, informative, and an overall great hands on experience! Thanks Kate! Can't wait for your next event :)

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MessageSo last night I went to the first ever Hester cooking class. It was a blast ...Informative laid back and just a great night out. Kate makes sure that everyone gets the attention they need to bring out the inner chef within.
Def recommend it for a date night or just to bone up on your culinary chops....Thanks again Kate.

MessageWhat an amazing event last night! Thanks so much for hosting my girlfriend and me, we loved it! Can't wait to come again!

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