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NameFrederick Hoenke
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MessageThank you indeed
Perfectly lovely looking at your engines and commentary

NameJohn McIntosh
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MessageMy Grandfather worked at Bowmans until WW2 started, he was put into a reserved occupation as a spark plug inspector in charge of a factory full of women despite the fact he wanted to fight. His house in Lowestoft was bombed and he and his family were evacuated to Shrewsbury where he worked at the Sentinel until he retired. His name was Daniel Francis Norman. As an interesting sideline to this story my Grandmother once had to shelter in a shop doorway in Lowestoft when she was out shopping with my Mum (still a baby), as a German fighter plane strafed the street. My Grandmother would often recall this lucky escape and the sight of the bullets rattling off the pavement.

NameTom Kuhlman
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MessageHi, I guess this is your guest book so here I am signing it. smilie

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Thank you for the wonderful website!

As a newbie to the hobby, I have learned so much.

I have watched every video!

Keep adding to the website and your collection.

Charlie Miller

Private Message added 2016-04-13

NameJoerg D
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MessageVery nice website!

I like Bowmnan steam, too. Please take a look at my videos:

First my Bowman 300. It was modified by a previous owner so that steam exhausts through the chinmey. Nice powerful little runner!

Test run at home:

During an exhibition:

Then, my Bowman 234. First, running with two of the six wicks covered:

Meanwhile, I have added some further ballast on the burner tank. So, when its train becomes too heavy, it's driving wheels will not skid but the loco will simply stop. Here is what a Bowman 234 does when really working at the edge of power:

My first Bowman stationary engine, a M175, is on the way to me! smilie

Best regards from Germany,

NameJames Chantry
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MessageGreat website, Moose. Thought I would swing by and see what is new. Looking good.

Namedavid Rumbelow
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MessageAbout 53 years ago I bought a second hand Bowman 2 ft long model sailing boat, I was 10 then and was fascinated by sailing. This lead in time to bigger things. a variety of sailing dingys including a Flying Dutchman, 2 Finns a Laser.
Today I would love to sail my 2 Marble-heads, 36 Rater and onemetre.
Sadly i am a tour guide and don't to do those things for know.
Thank you so much for making such a fine model boat all those years ago.
It gave me much pleasure as a youngster and lead to a great life of sailing

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MessageHi again Odilon :D
just had to type something. I just wondered the Mersey section after your link to it on the forum PM. I have been in here many times before but for some reason the Mersey has not catched my eyes. This is absolute marvelous engines, Thank you for the show. and the films are nice and show them in the details they were made.
This really are good !!
Thank you javascript:SetSmiley(' smilie 'smilie

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MessageGreat site moose and was happy to see your method of making a replacement chimney.
Keep up the great web page.

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