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NameKate Stedman
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MessageI have been attending Jessca's classes for 5 months now and I have loved being part of her yoga community.
I am always amazed at the ease with which she performs the most difficult of poses, she is a joy to watch. What she can make her body do is extraordinary!
She is so professional and athletic and very caring in her instruction too.
I wish her all the very best of luck in her future yoga ventures.

NameSofia Quintero
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MessageJust couldn't pass this day without saying THANK YOU for making me feel amazing today both in mind and body! Your class made my day start in the best possible way! Always so restorative, energizing and healing! Plus the best accent ever for a yoga class!

NameAnne Niclis
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MessageDance workshop

I have been immensely enjoying Jessica's yoga classes and that is why I was interested in attending her Dance Workshop late last year.

This workshop was amazing. It incorporated yoga postures and dance movements. I'm definitely not a dancer but that didn't matter as it was a beautiful routine and easy to follow.
It was a great workshop which was full of energy, to challenge the body, and a routine to remember, to challenge the brain! Fabulous!

So, when Jessica announced that she is having a second Dance Workshop, I was thrilled. I will definitely be there.

Namaste .... Anne

NameSam Safadi
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MessageDear Jessica, I enjoy your classes very much, the way how you conducts and perform the teaching the instruction the techniques in Yoga teaching makes me and pull me more and more to attend your classes, I just love it. No one makes me love Yoga except you because of your dynamic, your patient , your encouragement, your love to Yoga makes your students follow you. Jessica you are very talented person God bless and protect and keep you for us because we all love you. Namaste

NameAnne Niclis
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MessageI have been attending Jessica's yoga classes for well over a year.

Jessica structures her classes so that they are suitable for all levels. They are challenging and always interesting and rewarding. My flexibility and alignment has greatly improved

Each class is different so that I never get bored with the same routine. Jessica works through the postures, encouraging and aligning, so that each week I feel that I can go deeper into each one. I come away feeling personally satisfied with my yoga postures, peaceful and very relaxed.

I always look forward to her classes as they are amazing. smilie

NameYin Abraham
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MessageI have been attending Jessica’s yoga classes since January 2013 and I enjoy her classes very much; typically the way she conducts the classes and her teaching techniques and clear instructions make it easy to follow. I particularly enjoy the yoga flow and her dynamic style of yoga which sometimes take a lot of patience and it can be very challenging. However she continues to encourage you to keep trying and believing in yourself.

I have done several workshops as well with Jessica such as Acro and Inversion Yoga and the most recent one was The Yoga Dance Workshop. I enjoyed all of them and I also learnt a lot by attending these workshops.

It is my intention to continue learning and attending Jessica’s classes and workshops now and in the future. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and sharing your gifted talent.

NameRobert Bain
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MessageNamaste to everyone. Jessica is a great teacher, she makes the journey easy but enough to encourage you to breath a bit deeper and slower.

NameYin Abraham
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MessageI have been doing Yoga Classes with Jessica for the last 7 months.
During this period of time I have enjoyed Jessica's classes immensely. Her routine instructions are very easy to follow, I typically enjoy her Dynamic style of yoga which sometimes can be challenging.
It is my intention to continue participation in her classes which I find very beneficial to my well being.

NameSoong Chau
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MessageI have been attending Jessica's yoga classes for a few months now and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my fitness, strength, flexibility and overall well being.
Jessica has a very relaxed and effective communication style. Her classes are really fun, relaxing and yet challenging at the same time.
Through Jessica's classes, I have attained a range of movements previously lost through old sporting injuries. I am now back to playing competitive sports which I love.
Thank you for sharing your gift of yoga. I have truly enjoyed your classes and hope that many others will join and benefit from your classes as I have. Keep up your great work!!

NameShelley Ryeland
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MessageAt work Jessica runs a yoga class on a weekly basis which is the highlight of my week. Yoga is so invigorating and with her wide variety of moves and sessions it really makes each class a challenge. Her technique is great and she makes it extremely easy to follow, guiding us all through the session.

I can highly recommend yoga with Jessica Jacobi as it is extremely enlightening.

Shelley Ryeland smilie smilie

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