NameTim Glover
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MessageI have been the owner of nb Luckie Mucklebackit for three years now following the sad demise of the previous characterful owner Mike Johnson.

Although there is a LNER 4-4-0 steam engine of the name, it was named after a character in the Sir Walter Scott novel, the old fisherwoman.

NameJennifer Huskisson
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MessageHi guys, we are Brits who live in Tasmania for 6 mths of the year and 6mths in UK on our narrowboat Mactra's Filia. We are also fellow drone enthusiasts, albeit we only have a small practice one at the moment. This year will be the 5th year we have returned to the 'cut'. We absolutely love it. Maybe catch up with you sometime. Have been following your blog for many years. Keep on droning. We took ours down to the high sand dunes last night - no wind, 22C - perfect. Went along the water's edge. Jennifer and Peter

NameJohn Rawson
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MessageLove your Blog.
The trip down Watford Locks to Braunston brings many happy memories.

Namemartin & Annemarie
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MessageHallo Chris & Steve,

We do hope all is fine there and that the launch went well today.
We are very sorry that we were not able to attend and hope to see you both in the near future.
Enjoy Amy Jo and many happy cruises from us.

Kind regards,
Martin & Annemarie.

Namemartin & annemarie
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Messagehello Steve & Chris,
what a very nice and detailed site you have made. you have surely made the right choice in taking Alexanderboats and Fernwood for your boat, we haven't got any regrets about taken them onboard our Dubbel Dutch. Hope to see you on the 6th of July at the open day, so you can have a look at the progress of our boat.

NameMartin & Annemarie (dubbel dutch)
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MessageHello Steve & Chris,

What a nice site !!
As mentioned to you during the Crick show you have made a very good choice by going for Fernwood and Alexanderboats. The same as we have done and i guess we both are not going to regret this !! We are looking forward to see you both on the 6th of July at the openday where our boat will be shown.