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Namemiss michelle campbell
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Messagei love the pictures smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie

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After trawling hundreds of pic's of Old L'pool what a wonderful surprise to find a photo of the actual house my Dad was born in in 1916 - 88 Celt St. As far as is poss from this distance I've tried to ensure there had been no change to Street Numbers between 1916 & the date the photo was taken (1960s/70s going by the TV aerial). While Celt St clearly was later truncated by the urban renewals your photographer had done his good work in the nick of time.

Our family emigrated to NZ in 1920 & we had no photos of their lives in the UK prior to departing. We know the previous generation lived in Hockenhall Alley which was also cleared in the slum clearances after WWII. Am keeping an eye out for any photos of housing in that location too (have copies involving the one surviving pre-1900 building-all there is to date.) All this inspired by the Dickensian conditions our family must have lived through in the mid-1800s - emigrants from Ireland were at the very bottom of the social heap in those times. Great work & all strength to your hand!

NameM Gibson
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MessageLove old pictures of Liverpool

NameNeil clark
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MessagePicture 49 of utensils drive at breeze hill is wrong ,it's actually 31 ormskirk rd aintree

NameRachel Hobday
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MessageI am looking to find and reunite a group of friends from the Class of 82 at Ruffwood Comprehensive in Kirby for a BBC TV programme that I am casting for at production company Twofour.

I wondered if anyone from this school year / class might be able to get in touch with me via email to discuss further and see if we can make connections?

Best wishes,

Rachel Hobday

Namepeter James Lowe
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MessageI have a watercolour of North End Mill liverpool painted by the well known Chester artist William Tasker.signed by him dated 1835. Would you be interested in taking a photo of it to add to your collection?

NameTed Taggart
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MessageThanks for the memories was born in wellbrow road Walton just before the war.Some of the sight are awe inspiring and sad as well thanks again Ted T

NameAnne Taylor
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MessageMy Great-Grandfather was a foreman in the factory and he also had one of the houses in the village. The address was then 4, Hartley's Villa's, but when I go on google earth, it takes me to a different address!!! My Grandmother was married from this address in October 1929 and her father, John Flanagan is listed on the marriage certificate as Foreman, Preserve Factory. So I was really pleased to find this site.


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MessageThe two pictures on the Liverpool L20-23 are of coronation Gardens at the bottom of South Road Crosby. They were constructed to commemorate the coronation of King George V1 in 1937/8
They are still there to-day

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MessageHi , I love your website , even more so now ! I have just found a pic of Herbert Hughes P2hotography at Smithdown Place 11-1 71. What a discovery and delight as the 2 photos in the right window are of myself !! I went on to work there , is it possible to get/ buy a copy please? .

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