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Name Doreen & Mark Hardwick
Date 2012-03-29 20:00:17
Message Had Carlos and Joe play at our home for a corporate function and they were fabulous!! At the end of the night everyone wanted to hire them! We love you guys...true artists!

Name Bob Burmaster
Date 2013-05-28 10:08:32
Message You right don't like hugs by guys. Ha Ha. I will make an exception for you. Great to hear you guys when I,m in town.

Name Ron Maio
Date 2012-04-27 10:34:41
Message Hey fins up see ya soon.

Name Craig Moore
Date 2012-05-01 14:01:25
Message You guys ROCK !!

Name Bob
Date 2012-06-29 17:44:46
Message Hi boss just checking in

Name Cindy & Jim
Date 2012-09-14 17:08:54
Message Been catching you guys every chance we can for years now; you're fantastic and rock every venue you play, bars/resturants, beaches, parties, etc. Originally got hooked with the Santana and Buffet stuff, but you really have one of the best song lists in the area, and you're great with all of them. Add to that the great complimentary personalities you both have,including your easy and fun stage presence, and it's always great relaxing entertainment.
Good to see your success growing and the opportunities to catch you increasing.
Keep rocking guys, you add a lot to St. Petersburg.

Name harpal
Date 2012-11-04 15:04:52
Message Hey Carlos
Came over to Gators to catch you in September during my vacation stay at Sand Pebbles but missed out.
You are still by far the Best performer WHO ever played at the SP owners parties over the years. Been following you for over 22 years and your playlists were always excellent!
Shame you stopped performing at sand pebbles.
Hope to see you next year.

Name kathy woods
Date 2013-11-02 18:53:19
Message I really enjoy coming out to see you guys!! Will be there tonight!!! I will say Hi.

Name gail hall
Date 2013-01-31 10:28:52
Message I'm almost positive you will not remember us...we were there the weekend before Christmas and sat near the fireplace at the Bongos Bar outside. My date and I were pretty rowdy and pretty "into" each other. We were there when you started setting up and there when you took it all down. We were in the far corner to the right of stage from where you were standing. Anyway, we so enjoyed your performance and I would like to know how to get a cd of the two of you. We really enjoyed all the Santana music and have been listening to Santana ever since we've been home. We are from TN and would love to come back down as soon as we possibly can.

Name Boston in the house
Date 2013-03-10 17:23:34
Message Boston will see you Friday

Name Captain Darrell Parchman
Date 2013-06-13 10:24:18
Message Heys guys good to see you again after 5 years, Will visit in the fall, Your Capt

Ps Hey Joe where are the pics you were goning to send me.

Name kevin mcdougle
Date 2013-09-16 12:26:05
Message Saw you at Gators! Like your format and sense of humor. Nifty guitar playing and fun beats! As a fellow musician I know what I'm talking about. Keep up the good work! Kevin.

Name Jeff, Tammy & Travis
Date 2013-09-16 13:33:35
Message Hey Guys! You rock!! Everyone had the best time at Travis' Graduation Party. I know you gained some new fans. People were asking where to go to see you guys play/perform. You definately made our function a huge hit!!!
Thanks Again and see you soon,

Name Rick Kinne
Date 2014-08-03 09:32:11
Message I hope I have the right Carlos. If you recognize the name Smuggler's Notch and Mike, please contact me. I'm living in Ft Myers now. If you don't, sorry to bother you, trying to locate an old friend.

Name Evelyn Marcano Rolon
Date 2014-08-09 11:45:44
Message Saludos y un fuerte beso y abrazo


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