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Name84 Glyde
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MessageWhat up homey? I like your guest book and your entries about being a parent. I was also a parent back in the day, but due to a mixture of bad financial investments, gambling debts and a crippling drug addiction, I had to sell my younglings to a Chinese guy to make sneakers. But it's all good, from what I hear, they're both doing alright, my son's coughing isn't as bad as it used to be and I hear my daughter still has most of her fingers and toes, so I guess the diabetes isn't that bad. And my sneakers look good! Anyway, keep up the good work! Good luck! smilie

Nameuncle who walks the internet
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MessageLooked at your blog again - after 2 years.

Can I make a 'well meaning' critical comment ? Please....

You have been quite prolific on the yum-yum side,not my area.

I think you have the talent to move your 'literary output' a notch higher. Can move to 'third person' narratives(fiction/non- fiction)for wider audience - beyond the 'woman's era' pieces. It would be great to see you there..

Sorry if the 'unsolicited' advice is also 'unsavory'..
Good luck !!

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MessageHi Nan,

I am a friend of Archu. She speaks about u a lot those times at India. I came across ur pages on FB and here and wud like to give a thumbs-up. gud to see when friends we know do good things like these. i follow ur recipes very often, havent tried one yet thou smilie
way to go girl.!


Name..uncle who walks the internet
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MessageCouldn't post a comment on your latest piece
'smothered innocence'
..Looks like I cannot post a comment anonymously any more...Hence back here..

'Smothered innocence' is difficult to read...
...because the mind finds it difficult to accept that such things happen in our 'civilised' world.

Your poetry however has a refreshing quality...
...you're talented, girl !!

NameJayashree Venkat
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MessageI am following you!!!!!! smilie

NameAn uncle who walks the internet
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MessageJust realised that I should have signed here instead of writing a comment on one of your poems.

Just wanted to say - 'Good to know you through your 'little space'.
I had met you briefly but didn't know you at all.

I hope you will not mind an old man (nearing 60) keeping an 'eye' on your 'little space'.

All the best !

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Messagesmilie smilie smilie smilie smilie

hi dear....
how r u?
after reading ur blog i was like desparate to talk to u....
do send in your phone number smilie

my cog email id: [email protected]

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MessageLove this little space! smilie

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MessageTest entry to check my guestbook feauture! smilie