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NameEmer Marie Regan
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MessageIt's hard to synopsise how valid the Camera Acting Intensive is for anyone who is interested in the profession whether you are a novice or a season pro, it just doesn't matter. This is due to the simple fact that Graham and Amy are two highly skilled practitioners and clear communicators that are genuinely interested in supporting each actor and helping them to understand the uniqueness of what they can bring to every scene.

The feedback given is always insightful and personalised, they are both extremely generous with their knowledge of the film industry and the environment they have created is very welcoming. This is not a course that makes you feel like you have pointlessly dwindled away your money on vague advice from charlatans. It is about creating autonomy for you as an actor, building your confidence in front of the camera and instilling skills that helps you to make the best choices when the time comes.

Nameoluwole jones adebonojo
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MessageI attended the just concluded workshop in Dublin hoping to get two things out of it, that is the method that works for me and being truthful in the moment and i got it big time,and even got additional two which is self discovery and confidence all thanks to Graham and Amy. Already saving up for the advance course.

NameAdrian Mc Cormack
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MessageTheres not much left to say that hasn't already been said! In my opinion Graham offers a philosophy as much as method of acting that you can believe in and it really delivers, in terms of confidence in ones performance and the all important on screen results! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Film Venture to anyone working towards developing their acting skills beyond the ordinary.

NameAoife Ní Fhaoláin
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MessageWhen I first met Graham Cantwell one of the students in my class turned to me and said "wow this guy means business" and he was right.Graham gives more than what the average teacher gives you.with his passion for what he does and his knowledge Graham is someone who will teach you how to act as a professional actor, who will help you with your weak points and compliment your strong ones. by attending this class I have gained so much confidence and a fantastic method of acting.this class not only taught me how to act but it taught me to believe in myself. If you're looking to act and get a great showreel or you are simply looking to gain confidence then i highly recommend this class.

NameAlison McGirr
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MessageAn invaluable workshop. You will be inspired, excited and in awe. The process shared is one that is truly brilliant in it's simplicity. The passion and knowledge given is second to none...run...do not walk... secure yourself a spot at the next workshop now!!!!! You will finish the week with the skills to make you an efficient, consistent and capable actor! smilie

NameSteven Morrison
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MessageI have no qualms in recommending Graham`s course. I was recommended to do it ages ago and finally this year I got my chance. From the moment you meet Graham he is sincere and his passion is infectious. I loved the way he was able to teach you something using real life examples many of which he has seen first hand over the course of his extensive career. Throughout the course my group were encouraged and given useful feedback as Graham set about making us more confident in his approach to filming scenes. Graham really is an actor`s director who gets a buzz of off helping people realise their potential. I don`t have that much film experience and I am glad through Graham`s course I have a platform as I go forward and hopefully get an opportunity to put into practice what Graham has taught me. If you need a show-reel scene or training in acting for film, Graham`s course will give you a brilliant foundation. We are lucky to have someone like Graham who likes teaching and helping others achieve their potential. Thank You Graham and Amy. smilie

NameChris Daly
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MessageThe real deal this course is, hard work from day one
with top results , I felt with Grahams directions & Acting Techniques I gave a peck performance ,Thanks Graham for showing me the way ,

NameLeonardo Lacerda
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MessageI did the acting for camera workshop with Graham in Dublin and it was an amazing opportunity. I am so glad that this course popped up in my facebook page one day before it starts and that I got the last place because it was the perfect start for my acting studies here in Europe. It is not difficult to see that Graham has plenty of knowledge and loves what he does because he not only directs you but also feel the emotion with you helping to achieve levels that you had never achieved before not only in rehearsals and also during the shootings. The group is small which is perfect because everybody gets enough attention and we could share amazing experiences and informations along a full week. The course's structure is well planned to have lots of theory and lots of practise as well. I definitely recommend this workshop for everybody who is starting or also who is in the business for a very long time because it suits both of groups. Graham knows exactly how to deal with both of them and by discovering what are your strongest suits at the end of the week we would be able to record amazing showreel scenes. Don't waste time thinking about it! Join this amazing group of people ASAP!

NameDaniel Andrews
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MessageI think this is one of the best courses I've ever been on. If you're serious about taking up acting as a profession, and you have a passion for it, then you are going to love this. Graham is a great teacher, he's patient, kind, honest and most importantly, he listens to what you have to say. As well as that, it was just a fantastic experience, surrounded by really nice, interesting people. Even if you're not an actor, and you want to try something new, and put yourself out of your comfort zone, build your confidence, meet new people, then it's great for that as well. Aside from that, it was just fun! Ain't no shame in that. smilie

NameShruti Shandilya
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MessageI have had the most amazing 5 days doing 'Camera Acting Intensive' with Graham Cantwell - Not only do I have a perfectly tailored showreel but a whole new insight into acting now. Graham is absolutely incredible - so precise - so thorough - so sincere - so full of knowledge & so much fun!! A brilliant teacher with so much commitment & razor sharp vision. I had heard the term actors director - Graham showed me what it actually means - I can't believe he can read your thoughts while you're acting & make you realise where you're going wrong and how to improve - all in all I have now been on a journey like never before..... Thank you ever so much Graham & Amy. I would highly recommend this course to anyone out there seeking training in acting for camera or just acting on its own.

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