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NameNancy Chorpita
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MessageWe are enjoying and playing canapé based on your MICS.
Results have been excellent but there is a lot to mine in this book.

NameKen Rexford
MessageYes, Rick! I now have my wife playing the version of RUNT that is 0-11 or so. She is addicted to passing 1NT, which is amazingly often right. We only had one bad result, but it was a squeaker. 1NT was picked off, and we ended up playing maybe 2CX. Only down one (but vulnerable), and I might have made it had I guessed the layout correctly.

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MessageStill RUNTING, usually good for at least one good board per session.

Remember the Sectional when after a Director's call about a RUNT explanation the Director's arbitrary ruling disallowed all RUNT hands except for the weak Take Out. RUNT as currently used is described as a 5-12 HCP Take Out. Thus the Take Out Double promises 13 HCP....nice to know.

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