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MessageI been sexually assaulted for the last 10 years and still haven't gotten justice. Sexual assault happens all the time, and the only thing you can do about it is murder them. They will not pay settlement, and only understand violence. smilie

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Message@ the Shawnee Mall, in Shawnee, OK there is a massage spot & while i was in the chair i felt like the man was rubbing his member on my buttocks... I didn't believe it at first because the chair faces the shoppers... I thought maybe that's his knee... He's an Asian man & I believe he leaned forward to rub my shoulders just so he could rub himself on me. There was no thrust other than his member... Still in shock.

NameBrian Kent
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MessageMy name is Brian Kent. I am a victims’ rights lawyer and advocate for victims of assault in the civil courts. I would like to recommend your website to my current clients, as a place to find support.

I would like to recommend various non-profit agencies across the northeast region, such as the PCAR (888)772-7227 and the NJCASA (800)601-7200, among others. These organizations often provide support and free counseling to victims of assault.

For those assaulted by members of the clergy, there is the Survivors Network for Those Abused by Priests (800)762-7432.

In my practice, I come across many survivors of assault and abuse who often feel lost and ashamed; many blame themselves. Please consider contacting a support group directly for help. You are not alone and you certainly are not to blame.

MessageI went to this massage parlor two months ago by myself. I've been to the place before, but it was my first time getting massaged by a man. Sometime during the second half of the massage, he did some weird things that have never happened when I went to that place before. The man spread my legs, and massaged my inner thighs. I was laying on my stomach, then he got on the massage table and stayed behind me. He slid his hands under my shorts. At first, I thought it was an accident because he pulled out his hands for a moment. Suddenly, he slid his hands under my panties and massaged my pubic area. Even though he didn't touch my genitals, I felt really uncomfortable and I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn't because I was in so much shock. He kept going back and forth...sliding his hands under my panties and pulling them back out, so I wasn't sure when he would stop. I tightened my muscles, hoping that he would stop, but he went down even further. It must've happened for only five minutes, but it felt like forever. That was the worst massage experience I have ever had.

Namesyvilla rushdan
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MessageI was inappropriately touched during a massage at Massage Heights Buckhead on Sat 11/15. I feel like the therapist took advantage of my relaxed state and had 1/2 of my chest exposed while he was "stretching my neck". He removed the sheet down to my bikini area and placed a thin towel over what felt like my nipples proceeded to rub my stomach and all up the sides of my body. Why did he have to have the sheets pulled down to my bikini area to "stretch my neck" and keep it down until the massage was over?? if you are laying on your back and your hands are over your head, that the sides of your breast are exposed. I was so ashamed, embarrassed and in shock I just left and did not say anything, but as mind processed what had just happened I felt more and more violated and disturbed, so 15 mins later I called the manager (Ms. Jo), she told me that is not their policy and they have zero tolerance and that an investigation would take place. I called APD (Atlanta PD) on sat and filled out a report on the incident and am awaiting a call back. 2 days later the Owner (Randy Marrow) told me that based on their investigation the massage therapist followed the rules, had no prior incidents on his file, that he was one of his top producing therapist and that I could cancel my membership. The owners' tone and words made me feel even more humiliated and helpless!! This is not right and how many other women has this happened too!

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MessageMy foster father (a qualified masseur) gave me a massage for my lower back probelms.

I was lying on the kitchen table with my legs open. He started massaging my pelvic area until he got near my vaginal area.

At first I was skeptical, but I had trusted him and assumed it was part of the healing properties which professional massage therapists are trained to do.

However, he started telling me I should feel "pleasure" and told me a story about his friend who sees a massage therapist and hinted that massage wasn't the only thing they did.

My foster father asked if he could kiss my vagina. I paused- shocked he did it.

Afterwards, I told him why he did those things when he KNEW I was a victim of sexual assault in the past.

He told me he was sorry.

I should of stopped it sooner but like I said I had trust in him and my foster being a qualified masseur I had even more trust that he would not take advantage of me.

What im trying to say is... just because someone has a certification in a profession OR is someone who you look up to, doesn't stop them from making the wrong decisions.

Still to this day I have flashbacks.

I appreciate web sites like these which provide support for people like myself, thank you.

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Messagei just got back home from my massage. its a place i usually go to, im familiar with the women masseurs as i usually go to them but this time it was a man, so at frist i didnt say anything. during the massage he was rubbing my back then he gets up on the table and putting his two hands on my back puts his weight on me, i dont know how to describe it but i felt his groin all on my legs and my bum. i dont know if this is normal or if im just overreacting but half way through my massage i couldnt hold my tears back, all along i was just so scared he would touch me anywhere else inappropriately. im sorry if this message is long, i just want to know if this is something normal and im overreacting or are messeurs meant to do this?

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NameFeeling sick
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MessageAfter all these years having massage, I was assaulted first time. He took off my underwear completely and started to massage with everything exposed. I was wondering what he is doing, trying to go detail or not, till when he started to massage my breast , I knew he is not normal. He kept touching and said " sorry" as he leave. I complained the owner over the phone but I walked out after that. After one night, more I think of it, it's wrong to leave as is. So I met owner in person and explain everything. Glad that I did, she understand what he did and firing him. Can't believe this really can happen to me.

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MessageThanks so much for all this information! I just recently had been inappropriately touched during a massage with a masseur I have trusted. He crossed the line and I feel horrible about the whole situation. It's still to early to see what the outcome is going to be as the company is a chain and I am waiting for corporate to contact me. I hope that one day I will be able to trust another therapist. With this site, I think it will help me get through this.

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