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MessageHi Luca
A lot of good information on your website.
Thanks a lot for sharing the manuals.

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MessageDear Luca,
Thank you for your Web Site!!!!!
I restore German radio E52 and I go to your Web Site every day. Thank you for your hard work.
Best Regards,
Andrey Zuev

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MessageMagnificent resource.
Big gratitude of Luca Fusari for the help!
Success in replenishment of a collection.
Yours faithfully from Ukraine.

NameBrian Magee
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MessageIt is only in this later part of my life that I have discovered the superb electronic design in
Germany in the late thirties and early forties.
A magnificent example is the Wurzburg Radar.
May I thank you for the excellent pictures.
A good example from this is the circular scan system.
Not only does this give PI times the length of a
normal scan, but it renders the calibration insensitive to CRO deflection sensitivity and hence EHT.
The basic circular scan is caused by magnetic deflection. This has not the bandwidth to handle the fast pulse (2uS) return.
A special CRO tube with a symmetrical radial
electrostatic system was built for this.
This increases the initial deviation caused by the magnetic system.
Keep up the good work.

Nameantonio silva
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MessageGreat blog, pal. Very interesting to hear about radios from III Reich, Italy and America.

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thank you so much for the Partlist from the Maschinensatz GG400. That helps me so much !
At this time i`m getting nearly mad repairing my first GG400. Carburator Injector size should be 60, is 66, wrong parts everywhere....*grmpf* Ignition works but not perfect... every screw costs a big lot of Money...hard not to loose fun...
Thanks from Germany.....Stefan
P.S. If you have a GG400 Wreck let me know, i Need some Parts as you see...

NameSylvester Wijesinghe
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MessageVery interesting reading your web page


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Thanks for the GG400 partslist!
Very happy to get this rare manual as a download.
Best regards,

NameAnders Dahlgren
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MessageHello Luca
You are making a strong contribution to the radio history with focus on WW2 technology.
Impressing receiver you have restored with the mechanical tuning system. Many thanks and I will follow your homepage with great pleasure. Try to put in as much you can.

Hi and 73!

NameBruno Fanton
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MessageComplimenti per la preziosa pagina, che mi ha
dato spunto di riflessione per le mie ricerche relative alla guerra aerea sull' Italia, e
nell' ambito delle quali mi sto arrabattando
nel tentativo di reperire dati sugli impianti
radar della Luftwaffe nella mia città natale, appunto Treviso, pluribombardata, nel periodo
marzo 1944-aprile 45.-
Cordiali saluti
Bruno Fanton

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