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Name David Fast
Date 2018-08-28 22:08:50
Message This site looks like it's gonna be fun!

Name Will Firth
Date 2018-09-14 12:26:40
Message This site provides exactly the info I was looking for. All I need now is how to weather some diesel locomotives.

Name Ron Harris
Date 2019-03-04 20:54:57
Message stopping by to look at pictures and projects

Name Robert E Rivard
Date 2019-03-30 20:35:24
Message Wow. I can't wait to explore this site!

Name john azzarello
Date 2019-07-01 21:26:02
Message GOOD SITE!!!

Name Carl R Brannin
Date 2019-07-08 23:49:49
Message Wonderful photos. Found just what I needed.

Name Vince Cody
Date 2019-08-21 13:03:34
Message Very good information. Have really good ideas, pictures, etc.

Name Anthony O'Carroll
Date 2019-09-29 00:28:51
Message Lots of good work. I have done some of my own weathering and still looking for other ideas.

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