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NameJenni Hummel
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MessageHi Eden, I am a huge fan of your work. You are a great actress and you were great in All my Children as Bianca. All my children will be missed. congradution on become mom! so proud of all your hard work.

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MessageI just wanted to say i am a huge fan

NameEddie Wright
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MessageEden, Youre a very beautiful young woman and a very good actress. My wife and daughter have missed you on All My Children since you left. So have I. I like soaps too! Good luck in the future with all you do. God bless.

NamePatricia Shifflett
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MessageHi Eden,I live in Northern Fairfax. I am about 20 mins from D.C. where you were born.
I wish you & Andrew the best of luck with the baby when he's born.I know you two will be great parents.And with yours And Andrew's look that little one will be handsome.

Have a great Easter

smilie smilie

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MessageYou're a FANTASTIC actress! I'm a Y&R fanatic and just LOVE your character on it. I want Heather and Ronan together though. smilie

NameLeilani Reyes
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NameLeilani Reyes
hi eden!...

you're so talented and beautiful lady... congratulations for the coming new baby.

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MessageHi all. How are you?

NameJoyce Whittaker
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MessageEden i am a big fan of yours since you joined AMC. i realy miss you on AMC and wish you would come back, you are the only Bianca for me....
But i just got done watching your fist of Imaginary bitches, to cute!!!! I'm already hooked. so now i at least have something to watch that has your tremendous talent and bright personality. ok i have to go now so i can watch more IB and share this with friends and family that also appreciate you. thank you for this entertainment. smilie

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MessageWow, I check AMC now and then to see if your back (that's when I get hooked in again) and I see a different Bianca! hmmm...That's when I check to see where you are and what your doing. Glad to see this site and that you got a new gig with another soap. I will really miss u as BIANCA though. Lots of love and Good wishesjavascript:SetSmiley('%20smilie%20'smilie

NameSusie T,Yu
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MessageGood day to you,I am your avid fan of AMC and i really like you and your such a good actress,your so kind, I hope that i can be accepted as one of your million fans.I am Susie T. Yu from the Philippines.God bless. smilie smilie .

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