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NameTirza Myga Garcia
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MessageI got here after reading a brief review on "The Pregnant Virgin" written by a member of a supporting group for women in São Paulo, even though I was born & have been living in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul. Eager to hear & read your work!

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MessageA wonderful movie about a wonderful Woman! I saw it in right time, when I was lost and need to find myself again, and I did. thank you.....

NameHeide Marie Fischer
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MessageDear all, what a wonder- wonderful documentary. Wish I could make such a documentary one day. A wonderful and respectful art of filming.There is of course only one Marion Woodman and one Andrew Harvey. I hope, that I will be able to get a glimpse of the realms Marion and Andrew were talking about. I got the urge to book a flight and see Marion in order to kneel or lay down in front of her presence. And to make contact with mother earth. Thank you so very much for this piece of art and humanity, love, stillness , feminine power and spirituality. If there is an opportunity to meet the wild Marion I will definitely take the chance. Thank you for opening ears and eyes and heart and soul with this documentary. In love, Heide Marie smilie smilie smilie

NameLouise Miller
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MessageThank you all contributors to this film, and especially to Marion, Ross, and Andrew for such a meaningful hour and some.

In my search to make sense of personal and world situations these days, I found guides within the film which will help.

Thank you immensely.

NameNicola Provan
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MessageI have just watched your beautiful smilie smilie movie on a live webcast organised by Andrew Harvey and am buying a copy of the dvd immediately. This is the perfect vehicle for me to prod awake the sleepers I see all around me. Thank you so much Marion and Andrew.

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