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MessageHi Leann, I was helping my Mother paint her house the other day and noticed she still has the really nice picture and frame you sent her. This was about 7 years ago I was the Telephone repair person that worked on your sisters lines. I was surprised she was your sister and I told her how much my Mother is a fan of yours and the show Days of our lives. My Mom has watched that show for almost 30 years. I remember your sister asking for my Moms mailing address and how excited my Mom was. I really didn't think she would actually get anything. However here came a beautiful photo in a nice frame and a card. We never forgot I can tell your a very nice person for taking time out of your schedule to do that. You made my Mothers day and mine too! I wish you the best of success and hope you stay on the show for my Mom to watch. I never told anyone at work about my experience cause they would ask me where and I respect your privacy as well as your Sisters. That location will go to the grave with me. I just wanted to say thank you again anything that puts a smile on my Moms face makes me happy. I just happen to look you up online today and found this site and thought I would say thank you for being so kind.

NameThe Darling Divas
MessageDaytime Emmy photos, Golfing pictures, Avatars, Soap Magazine clippings, "Moloney" clips, "Super Password" videos from 1986 (!!!),
a radio interview with Thaao Penghlis... we're really getting spoiled lately. ☀

Here comes a big
to everyone who has contributed content to this website and the Facebook Group (
The Divas are grateful for all the support. Keep up the good work and don't forget to post a lot.

thє skч ís thє límít. ★

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MessageHi Leann

Hope you are doing well and we all miss you! Still waiting for Anna's return to Salem. They just have to bring her back.

We interviewed Thaao on The Diva Show Tuesday night. Yes we finally got him! He was a delight and he tells such amazing stories and yes it even got a little naughty. smilie He told us he will be seeing you next week and that he will be cooking for you again! Oh I think he has a surprise for you too smilie

Hoping sometime both you and Thaao can do The Diva Show. Maybe when Days brings you both back! Hope your golf game is going well and hoping for all the best for you and your family.


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MessageHi Leann:

I'm really missing you as Anna on screen. Anna is such a fun character. I love watching her because she never is a bore. You never know what to expect with her. She lands herself in trouble and somehow manages to get herself out of it in the last minute and remain a survivor. Thank God for that! There is hope for your return.

Meanwhile, I wish you every success in both your professional and personal lives. Know you are loved and missed.

Scott from Boston smilie

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MessageLeann, I just read Bea's comment. I have to agree, I would be one of those diva's that would freak out if you called in. That would be amazing. I mentioned to Bea just last night that I'd drop dead if all of a sudden you were on the line. We're all shocked and happy that we got Thaao to do the interview!

Your Darling Divas Love You Leann!

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MessageLeann, I know this is kinda short notice but...

"The Diva of Days of our Lives interviews Thaao on Tuesday (July 27th) at 10 PM EST for an hour on the blogtalkradio show!"

If you would call in I bet 3-8 Divas would drop dead. I know (and you do too LOL) calling in is not that easy and the lines will be busy but if you have the time it would be AMAZING to hear your voice again. Just an idea. I know you don't need a radio show to talk to Thaao but for us fans & friends it would be wonderful to "witness" a short conversation. Think about it.

I hope you're doing great. Enjoy the summer!
Lots of love and hugs, Bea

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MessageHi, Darling Leann!

Saw pictures of you from the golfing event in Los Angeles from the 19th. You looked beautiful. I'm so happy to see that you're still golfing. It is a wonderful hobby. I still miss seeing Anna's face on DAYS. The show sure isn't the same without you.

PS: Hope you had a good 4th of July.

Take Care,

-DivaNikki smilie

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MessageHi Leann:

I am saving my money and vacation time to hopefully meet you in November if you go to the Days of Days event. I'm also hoping to see you back in Salem soon as Anna, because Salem is boring for me without The Contessa!

I miss you on my screen, but I do hope to see you both on screen and in person soon.

Love, Scott smilie

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MessageHi Leann! smilie
Summer has finally found Germany and since 2 weeks it is insanely hotttttttt here. Considering that we barely had any sunshine in the last 8 months I'm enjoying this heat wave a lot. So, I'm sitting here, eating cherries, tanning smilie and waiting for Anna DiMera to return to Salem.... or for you to land another guest-starring role on some primetime TV show - whatever will happen first. ;o)

I loved your Emmy gown although I have to admit the one you wore in 2007, the red one, is still my all-time favorite. Could have something to do with the handsome fella who was by your side on the red carpet back then. I'm too much of a Hoochie to not to mention him. smilie

Hope you had a terrific July 4th and ENJOY your summer. Miss ya.
Lots of love and hugs, Bea

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MessageHi Leann, I love your work!! I especially love Anna! Hope to see you back on Days ASAP!!
PS: Say hello to Thaao. I'm a big fan of him too.

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