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MessageThree cheers for Eric!

NameJohn C. Kelley
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MessageMy research paper for my Mass Media class shall include the works of Guglelmo Marconi. Thanks to all of you, for continuing, and improving his contribution to society. People, your going to make my paper look great!!! smilie smilie smilie

Namejosh blood
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Messageyour site is glad somebody is trying to save these important parts of our past.keep up the good work.more people support you than you know even if we all donate.
thanks josh

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MessageWE ARE NEIGHBORS! smilie smilie

NameHal Treacy
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MessageReaders may want to listen to Eric Dollard's daily "EQ Alert" transmissions from his Landers Station on 7105.8 KC at 0000 hrs UTC (1700 hrs local time) and 1800 hrs UTC (1100 hrs local time).
I picked up the signal using a Sangean ATS 818CS connected to a fifty-foot east/west antenna. On July 2, 2010 here at Dayton, Lyon County, Nevada.
Morocco ('bin there) has such a neat flag I decided to include it - anyone know what its Star means? How about Ancient Atlantis? You guessed
about right. The Professor in Dayton.

NameHal Treacy
MessageBelow is a link to a very informative website about Marconi himself (it is European in slant and refreshingly different from the Tesla and Washington D.C. accounts about him):

Enjoy your visit! Hal Treacy, Co-Organizer
American Marconi Foundation.

NameHal Treacy
MessageMessage about Marconi refused. Why?

NameThe Professor in Dayton
MessageCouldn't get message thru - why not?

NameDoug Forbes
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MessageEric Dollard is one of the most important and under appreciated scientists on the planet ! His understanding of electrical reality needs to be taught at every university if we are ever going to make any progress in electrical or electronics engineering.

Doug Forbes
Electronics / Computer Science

NameMichael Grieger
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MessageIts wonderful to see something like this being done. smilie Looks like the website will be of great interest and resource, once fully operational. Having Eric Dollard involved is the best asset an operation like this could have! Period!(An apprentice - LOL)! I will be watching with great interest even though I'm all the way "Down-under"! Great stuff! smilie

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