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NameJack Grueschow
Date24 December 2010
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MessageI am told that my ancestors were Wendish, because my surname is of Wendish origin. I don't even know if that is correct. I know my GGG/grandfather died in Guestrow,Mecklenberg-Schwerin in 1787. I am still looking, without success, for any information on his ancestry.

NameGarnet (Muller) Miller
Date7 December 2010
MessageLocation: Upper Ottawa Valley, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.

I am working on getting all the Wendish that immigrated to this area so a Heritage Group can be established!

Date4 December 2010
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MessageThanks for starting this site. My maternal grandmother was proud of her Wendish heritage, although, as a child, I never really knew what exactly she meant! Thank you again.

NameGarnet (Muller) Miller
Date1 November 2010
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MessageTrying to start Wendish Group whose ancesters settled in Pembroke & Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada! Help!

Date28 September 2010
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NameSusan Wuensch Riley
Date8 September 2010
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MessageJust found out about the Wendish Heritage Society and that I may be Wendish rather than German. I am inspired to research my heritage and find out. Thank you for the information on your website, and hope to come to your Festival at the end of September.

NameWeldon Mersiovsky
Date7 September 2010
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Message2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Texas Wendish Heritage Society, then known as the Texas Wendish Culture Club.

Dave Goeke of San Antonio and I would like to use this event as an opportunity to host a Wendish University at Serbin, Texas on the Saturday before the Texas Wendish Fest in 2011.

We would like to have about four sets of educational classes throughout the day (cultural, historical, genealogical, and linguistical) a Wendish lunch, a Texas Wendish barbeque in the evening, a cemetery tour, and vespers.


If you like the idea and would like to support it or have suggesgtions, we would like to hear from you.

NameLiza Supra
Date26 August 2010
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MessageWhat a great website! I only resently discover that my ancestors were not German as we belief but Werdens. I am a descendant of Johann and Anna Supra with their 4 children, who arrived in East London, South Africa on 19th January 1859 on the Peter Godeffroy. Johan and Anna's 2nd son Martin is my Great-grandfather.
I would really appreciate any info of the Supra family before 1858. Did any stay behind in Prussia and who Johann's parent's and siblings were.
Love to hear from any one with info.
Have a great time.

Private Message added 18 April 2010

NameBrandon Zoch
Date14 March 2010
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MessageZoch's Rock!!

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