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MessageAmazing level of detail; very thorough research indeed. My complments.

NameBruce Kopetz
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MessageSehr geehrte Herren und Damen,

I'm very happy to have located this ausgezeichnet web site!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Bruce Kopetz

NameTimothy J Crater
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Messagegreat info on the puppchen..but, I need penetration stats, of homogeneous armor @ 30 degrees angle smilie

Nameantonio peixinho
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Messagein my oint of view y own you at least one pair of bear´s if sommetime you come to Portugal email me
and thankx for your job on the site

NameLouis Miller
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MessageUsing the information on this site, I was able to do a full restoration of an MG42 Lafette, and even find an original gunner's pouch to display with my collection on the "for sale" page!! Thank you so much for your research and long hours spent studying and photographing original examples of gear to help fellow collections advance their knowledge in the hobby!! Keep up the good work!


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MessageExcellent website, very informative, always a pleasure to look at.
All the items I have bought from you have been up to or exceeded expectation and I would recommend dealing with you to anybody anytime.
Many thanks.

NameJ. Robert van de Grift
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MessageGuten Tag,
Just passing through again and thought I'd say "Hi." Ra-35 you sold me is just great. I feel lucky to have gotten such a good example. I've given classes on my 8cm Granatwerfer 34 using the sight and was so pleased to have the sight for my class. It was especially useful in explaining how to initially set up the mortars, positioning them with an aiming circle 31. Thanks again for your kindness. Your effort to supply hard to find information continues to be a boon to all collectors.

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MessageTerrific site. I happen to own one of those Interarms Panzerschrecks, which I obtained in 1978, at Ft Bragg, NC. Still had the shield, and the spare glass pane in its' storage box. The info on this site is priceless!

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MessageI own an original C & R MG 42 and a reman MG 34. Books for these weapons are very expensive. I appreciate the free detailed information. What a great collection of history. Thanks

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MessageOrdered a new front sigth and base. Both were perfect! Fast shipping and delivery. Will be back for more! smilie

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