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MessageI own an original C & R MG 42 and a reman MG 34. Books for these weapons are very expensive. I appreciate the free detailed information. What a great collection of history. Thanks

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MessageOrdered a new front sigth and base. Both were perfect! Fast shipping and delivery. Will be back for more! smilie

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MessageThe pieces offered by the author are as original and 100% authentic as the thorough explanations on his site. This is what we - the collectors of bona-fide German WWII militaria - are looking for. It's not often we come by guaranteed sources. In fact - and speaking from personal experience - they're few and far between. When we find a source of information and artifacts like this, it's like an oasis for us.

Every artifact I've received from the author of this site has been shipped well-packaged and in efficient time, which is impressive. Honestly, on one occasion, the package reached me faster than USPS priority within the US. Pretty impressive!

So, in all honesty, I put my faith in the author of the Bergflak Lounge and the artifacts he offers to collectors everywhere.


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MessageSome of the most detailed accounts I've ever read on MG equipment and the Panzerschreck. Essential reading for any serious collector.

NameDetail obsessed modeller
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MessageExtremely detailed and very useful info, enabling me to scratch build a MG42 sling for a 1/16th scale figure.

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MessageIt is a great site. I really like the info lafette

NameJeff Ison
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I bought quite a few mp40 parts from you at the SOS It was a pleasure to meet you. Welcome aboard. New stuff on this site will be announced on Facebook.

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MessageThis is a fantastic source of hard to find data. I have used it extensively, especially when restoring my Panzerschreck! Well done and I hope you keep adding to it.

NameRobert Zimkas
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MessageWhat a great resource for parts, every purchase/trade I have had has been fantastic. Thank you for the MP40 bolt handle and prompt shipping!

NameS. Jarvis
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MessageThank you for the amazing photos and information.
Several years ago I had purchased a Yugo M53 tripod with some original Lafette 42 parts. I knew it was Yugo then - but wanted to educate myself about the differences in German WW2 and postwar tripods. Your research and website is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Sehr Gut!!!


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