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MessageHi I live in Bardwell which isn't far from Kevil. I come across your site while searching for paranormal investigators in Western Kentucky. We have had several experiences in our home over the years but nothing physical. Well what ever is in our house is now being physical with us. My spouse's rear was grabbed when he got out of the shower toweling off. No one was home except him at this time. We have heard voices in the middle of the night and thought a tv was on . When we got up to check it out no Tv's were on and was totally unexplained. I have been poked when I went to bed and I have had my face caressed. I am a nurse and I wonder if I have brought something or someone home with me from work. There have been numerous events over the years but not physical. I have had a lot of strange things happen at work but never thought about it following me. I have had elevators act weird enough that I started taking the stairs. I have had several experiences in my work place. But I chalked it up to several deaths that have occurred when I was working. I even got an message on my tablet saying kind nurse. I have not told anyone of our experiences but I now have 3 grandkids living with me and they are experiencing things as well. I have tired to let the spirts know to leave the kids alone. I don't want them scared. Thank you for your time.

NameBrandon G.
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MessageThanks, Danny, for referring me to the site. I have looked over every bit of information on here and am very impressed, especially by the Villisca information. My skin crawled when I listened to the audio segments.

NameJay Erickson
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MessageWell it was nice to meet you at the Salvation army and talk to you a little bit. I hope that we can be friends and I hope you have some interesting evidence in all your investigations!!

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MessageHello, I found your website when I did a google search for Whispers Estate. There was a news article that ran across my facebook feed this evening about the little girl that died from burns and it interested me enough to research a tad bit more to find out as much info on this as I could. Your audio files were some of the best I have seen this evening, thanks for sharing. The photos were extremely interesting as well. The one of the pillow on the bed with the indent of a head...that is the one that peaks my curiosity the most (beside the hats that appear) the person that shot that photo of the pillow, do they remember if the indent was there before the photo? Thanks again, keep doing the awesome job of investigating the parnormal. I'd love to have your job! smilie

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MessageI am originally from Kevil. I am very interested in the paranormal, both from personal experiences and from helping with another group. I enjoyed your website.

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MessageThanks i won't sleep tonight!

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MessageHello. And Bye.

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NameJory Hastings
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Messagesmilie Hey Kat, I sighed it!!!

NameDebra Weis
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Messagefantastic info. plan to listen to recordings again so I can figure out the messages. your recordings make a person stop and wonder about the spirits left behind. good job.

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