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MessageHello. And Bye.

Namecuisiner avec un autocuiseur
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MessageHey, stupefying photograph !

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MessageHello. alex

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MessageHi there. I discovered your website by the use of Google at the same time as looking for a related subject, your web site came up. It looks good. I've bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to come back later.

MessageYO! smilie

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MessageHey guys, enjoyed it last night – especially the blackout at the start, nice gimmick smilie

See attached web link, I sing in a Sheffield Classic Rock band – slightly different genre to you guys (Purple, Jovi, Gun, ‘Snake, Thunder, Van Halen, Queen etc), but I think we’re pretty good. We’re struggling with getting gigs as we only started this time last year, but have had fantastic reviews, so if you get any cancellations, give us a shout.

www.counterfeitband.co.uk – we have a couple of songs on You Tube, search ‘counterfeit band Sheffield’

Keen to get more gigs in, so if you hear of any venues, Nottingham to Leeds looking, would appreciate a call.


m: 07843 266144

Namemitchells bitch
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MessageLooking forward to the Snafu gig in March, not seen Gaz as frontman yet but have heard great (?) things albeit from a rather biased source TIM!!!!!

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MessageWell, what can I say????
Top night guys - real good fun.
Really liked Tim's tattoo of the South Island of New Zealand. Hope you're feelin' better soon fella. I for one thought you were a very brave little soldier. Certainly didn't feel it was appropriate for folk to laugh, just cos you walked like you'd shat ya pants.
Geezer, Mark, Gaz - thanks for lookin' after the boy. He reyt enjoyed himself.
Thanks to the ladies too for being great company. Reply: Cheers Adi! The boy Jonno done good and no mistake!! Standing in just hours before a gig and playing songs he's only ever heard once before is quite a feat!! If only WE could have played 'em right........................ You guys are welcome at Blackout Towers any time!!

NameJack Rowe (Warrior + Guns N Oatcakes)
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Messagehowdo dudes! just wanted to say even though i havnt made it out to see you guys yet, i'll be seein ya at snafu at end of september!
may i congratulate Mark on having THE second coolest flying v in the universe.. second schenkers old gibbo of course! watched some clips of youy guys on your myspace, AWESOME band! shame nidge is leaving like
see ya soon guys, keep on rockin! Reply: Hi Jack Come and say hello at SNAFU - it'll be nice to meet ya!! SNAFU is gonna be the first gig with Gaz and also the first gig for about 2 months, so owt could happen! One things for sure - Mark, Geezer & Tim will all have some mean blisters!!!!

NameThe rest of Blackout
MessageThe flesh golem "Mike" is indeed an achievement of arcane science Geezer. The resemblance is uncanny, even down to its conversation: "Oh my fingernail is killing me", "My ingrowing eyelash is murder, you know" and the truly authentic "This Jack Daniel's doesn't half play havoc with me wisdom tooth". Strong evidence that hypochondria has a genetic basis.

On the plus side, "Mike" appears to be musically inclined but possesses no understanding of monetary value or payment for services rendered - so you're sacked Geezer.

Vorsprung Durch Technik

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