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MessageAs you guested right: afzetunit - (Netherlands) - Dutch name for a demountable camper which, according to Google, translates as 'marketing unit'?!

That's the wrong translation :) afzet in Dutch means Drop off in English. So it's called 'drop-off unit'

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MessageHello, I'm planning to build an overlander camper to go on a Isuzu D-Max extended cab.

I'm struggling to locate the jacks to raise and lower the unit on and off the truck.

Are there any UK suppliers? I'm looking at modifying some farm jacks as an option, good idea?

Many thanks,

Michael. Norfolk UK

07768 772366

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NameAndrew Georgiou
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MessageIs there a cost to be placed on this site? if so how much per annum

How do we join ?

Please advise

Andrew @ Apollomotorhomes

NameBob Richards
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MessageLooking at our first demountable purchase and just wanted to say how helpful we have found this site. Thanks!! Bob

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Messagei'm looking to get a truck camper myself.
preferably by U.S.-based truck.

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MessageRanger Motorhomes are still trading in Milnrow Rochdale and still doing a excellent job

Namesimon chown
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Messagehi my name is simon chown the owner of ranger motorhomes who started the company in 1997 . I would be grateful if you removed the comment that I had gone out of buissness . the web site went of as I now no longer manufacture de mounts due to the cost of the materials. in 2013 I had a buissness partner who had bean with me for 5 years then decided to go alone so I down sized and carried on alone again doing panel van conversions and would have bean nice to have bean contacted to find out what had happend before writing your comment as I feel its not doing my buissness much good if you google me . my phone number is 07803678880 if you would like to contact me and find out any more information on my company as I am not very computer literate iv found out of a customer. I would appreciate it if you could forward a phone number so I can contact you and bring this matter to a close . simon chown

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