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Email[email protected]
MessageHello. And Bye.

NameRobert Billieux
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Town, StateNorthampton Ma.
Email[email protected]
MessageMore summer concerts being planned We appreciate donations and efforts toward restoration Bob B smilie smilie

Namerobert billieux
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Town, StateNorthampton Mass.
Phone413 584-7164
Email[email protected]
Messagesmilie smilie Work is still going on--limited funds any donation helps we need a grant. If you have info concerning this or want to donate contact [email protected] Bob B

NameDave Smith
Town, StateSouthwick ma 01077
MessageLove the summer concerts! smilie

NameNatalie Tovet
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Town, StateW. Springfield, Ma
Email[email protected]
MessageI am very glad to hear and see that Babb's is being refurbished. It brings back fond memories of yesterday. When I saw how much is being done and the effort by VOLUNTEERS, I am astounded. I only wish I could help in some small way, but I am in a wheelchair and limited transportation, so I am spreading the word "BABB'S IS BEING REWORKED AND BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE" Natalie

NameDave Yeager
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Town, StateLongmeadow MA
MessageHi Gerry Crane! Read about your troubles in the Spfld. Republican, hope things get resolved. Is the Ken Crane mentioned your son? I remember going to your house back in '75 and you had a baby. Of course I went there to check your record collection. Are you still collecting? I stopped at the end of the previous century, after 44 years. I got into performing rock & roll, now also playing trumpet in orchestral settings. I retired from the Post Office in '09. Still married, still in Longmeadow. I tried rollerblading in the mid-90's along with my kids. Never kept it up and way too old now. Best of luck in the future! Dave Yeager

Namerobert billieux
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Town, StateNorthampton Mass.
Email[email protected]
MessageI see one message that person is glad that the state of CT. is involved wth financial support for rink. Aside of one grant for 100,000 a couple of years ago they are NOT doing anything now. We applied for stimulus grant and have heard nothing from state of CT. GOV RELL YUUKK smilie smilie

NameLorinda (Finn) Luce)
MessageIn Sunday's paper the Springfield Republican I saw the article about the damage done to the Rollerskating rink. I was sorry to learn of this and at the same time I was excited to learn that you are restoring the rink. I spent many a visits to this rink with my dad. He love his roller and ice skating. We use to visit different rinks and many of them closed. We started skating at Babbs I beleive sometime in the middle 60's. We usually went on Wednesday evenings and took a class and then skated for the evening. I often was the youngest one there as many were adults. I continued skating with my dad thru my high school years even after I got married. My dad was killed in 1974, but I still skated now and again. I bought my first pair of roller skates at Babbs when I was in high school till then I used my moms old skates as she had stopped roller skating long before. My dad said don't buy skates everytime someone he knew bought new skates they stopped skating shortly after. I never regretted getting those skates, I didn't realize how awful my moms old skates were till I got my new ones. My husband and I took our children roller sakting a few times at Babbs. My yougest was about 3 years old, he is now 25.
Thank you for doing this. Sincerely Lorinda

NameSharon Alexander
Town, StateSouthwick, MA
MessageI'm disgusted and you can bet if I hear ANYTHING in regards to this I will tell the police about it. I hope they get caught. I grew up skating at Babb's and have great memories.

Truly saddened that someone would do this. Fingers crossed that the idiots that did this are brought to justice.

NameJoyce Hanscom
Town, StateWestfield
MessageSpend many wonderful Friday nights skating at Babbs to real music in the 50's & 60's. Can;t wait to see it back. smilie

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