NameDennis Unklesbay
DateDec 2, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
City/StateCambridge, Ohio
MessageJust sold a Marina Blue, Black & White interior (love white interiors), Bucket seat, console, 396/325, 4 speed. (numbers not matching). Miss it sooo bad. Want another just like it. Power steering & brakes would be a plus. Know of any? Thanks for your website. Beautiful cars and quite the expertise. I plan on visiting often.

Namedavid nemeth
DateNov 16, 2018
City/Statehackettstown, nj
Favorite Muscle Car66chevelle ss 396
Messagehi mike,looking to buya 66 Chevelle ss 396.please contact me if you know of one. thank you

NameFrank DeNorscio
DateNov 7, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
Favorite Muscle Car1967 Chevelle big block/4 speed
MessageMike my name is Frank DeNorscio just happen to stumble onto your website. When i was 19 i had a 396 ss 396 a true 138.Not knowing what i had as a teenager Anyway im 66 and looking to buy a 67, im checking one out this weekend 427 block 4 speed looks beautiful Is $32,000 a fair market price for this car? I would love to hear any recommedations you may have,
Thank you for your time, Frank

NameJohn Peters
DateOct 28, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
Favorite Muscle Car67 Chevelle SS

I was interested in ordering your fact book on Chevelles

I had purchased a 1967 Super Sport while in College in the mid 1970's. Butternut yellow with black top. Trying to find a similar car. There has been one listed on Ebay for months from a dealer in Ohio. Vehicle is almost identical to my original but underneath condition shows surface rusting compare a similar car offered in red. Beautiful paint. I would prefer a Butternut yellow. My original car had Muncie 4 speed.

Thanks John

NameEdward Englert
DateAug 14, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
City/StateNew Lenox
Favorite Muscle Car66 67 70 chevelle
Messagewant to get prices on some of the posting

NameBryan Blackwelder
DateJul 29, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
Favorite Muscle Car1966 & 1967 Chevelle
MessageThanks for preserving history of the greatest musclecar ever built.The Chevrolet Chevelle!

DateJul 21, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
City/StateJamestown NC
Favorite Muscle Car1966 - 1970 Chevelles
MessageHi Mike
Growing up my dad had a 67 SS 396/325 automatic - I had just got my license and he let me drive it, this is when I fell in love with muscle cars! As time moved on I bought a 1971 GTO, that was the year that everything changed with compression.
I just purchased a 2017 Shelby Super Snake that Shelby American did from the 5.0 Mustang this is the 50th anniversary 1 of 500 - Never really been a ford guy but 1 out of 500 I thought what the heck. My love is the SS but of course they don't make these anymore and who can you trust if you find one for sale. I've got the itch for a 66 396/375 M-22 - Keep me in mind

NameStewart Brown
DateJul 12, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
Favorite Muscle Car67 Chevelle
MessageHi there, looking for a red/red or a black/red 67.
Thanks Stewart

NameDerek Sharpe
DateJun 23, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
Favorite Muscle CarChevelle 1966-67
MessageI am truly starting to look for a nice Chevelle, there are so many out there.... I'm not a machinic but I just want a nice car....

NameJack D. Stovall, III
DateJun 10, 2018
Locationclick picture for more information
City/StateMustang Ok.
Favorite Muscle Car??????????????
MessageWas looking at a 1966 Chevelle SS 396. Has the Big Block & 12 Bolt Rear-End but has a 134 in The VIN. Made me wonder because was looking for 138 !!! What does 134 mean ? Thanks

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