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MessageWhat do you mean?

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MessageIf you're going to support mullahs and terrorists, you will have the army on your head. Its very simple.

Also, Kashmir has no future with Pakistan. Azad Kashmir will be swallowed in a minute by Pakistan and China.

Where were these thoughts and wails of yours when Kashmiri Pandits were driven out by Pakistan sponsored terrorists and mullahs?

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MessageThis is such bullshit. Kashmiris are swayed by the Pakis just as the Taleban are. Time to get your priorities right dude.

Imagine a Kashmir run by the mullahs sponsoring beheadings and suicide bombers all day. Imagine your country going down the drain just as Pakistan is. Imagine your people going with a begging bowl every year to IMF, ADB, US, EU, China and even India. Imagine an entire generation of Kashmir disconnected from a progressive civilization. Time the Kashmiris understood that their lot is with India - just as Hyderabad, Junagadh and Goa.

The alternatives to a Kashmir outside of India is suicidal to the Kashmiris...

And no, I am not an Indian.

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MessageGreat! Keep it up!
Best wishes

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MessageIndian army is killing innocent kashmiris in fake encounters, on streets during peaceful protests. They have kept kashmiris in torture cells and jails not known to their parents since 1989.Indian army is busy in worst kind of war crimes in Kashmir and politicians are backing them.Kashmiris have suffered alot and are suffering now, help them through your voice.Muqeet (Indian occupied Kashmir)

MessageAs a REAL American, not another Bush/Obama imperialist, I fully support you boys in your fight for freedom

Keep it up brother! smilie

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