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Private Message added 2018-07-28

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MessageI hesitate to comment on an issue that you are likely far more knowledgeable than I but my inquisitive nature forces me to.
This is concerning the batteries you had to replace last fall. I am most concerned that you might have replaced them needlessly. It is my understanding that a one year old 6 V deep cell battery discharged below even 50% for a couple of times is recoverable! It might be a bit of a technical challenge but I have recovered some of these myself (no I didn't use the Epsom salt approach).
Would you consider posting your experience on to see what kind of response you get.
ps. I been following your blog for years. You have provided me with many hours of great reading (esp your Mexico days).
Phil Brooks,
Fruitvale BC

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Messageglad it has worked for you Croft. They are quite an amazing team and always did just what they said they would and charged accordingly. Give yourself a few weeks to heal up and you'll be great.

NameDorris Smith
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MessageI found you at Americana R V Park, Mission Texas, We spent twenty years there as Winter Texans, We traveled most of Mexico , some by auto & some by tour buses, favorite destination; Veracruz.

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NamePatrick Conley
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MessageHope you get that Harper guy out. Canada was a very welcoming country when I dodged the draft. Canada has seemed to have changed it's color since he has been in. Good Luck. Patrick Conley Colorado Springs

NameWayne Dyck
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I just read your comment about crossing into Mexico at Mexicalli and walking across the day before to get your paperwork done..We are going to be crossing on Nov 14 Saturday early morning. From your experience is the crossing busy at that time. We are headed for Loreto and will be traveling with another couple. We have crossed at Tecate before but this time we want to use Highway #5 to avoid the traffic on the west coast.

NameJohn Reynolds
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MessageEnjoyed meeting you and Norma today?

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MessageIf the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market, held on Saturday mornings, is still happening, it is worth a visit.

NameBobby Keeland
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MessageI do agree with you about the conservatives. They have some ideas that I certainly do not understand.
1. Get rid of Social Security?
2. No equal pay for women who do the same job?
3. No labels for GMO food?
4. Lower taxes for the very rich?
On and on.
Anyway, where is the stuff about traveling in Mexico? All I saw was Mexican (latin America) traditions. I wish to travel via RV in Mexico and need information.

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