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NameRobert (Bob) SMART ( 23870487)
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served1961 - 1978
Regt/Sqn (s)3rd RTR -B sqn / D sqn
email addressresmart@tiscali.co.uk
MessageSurprise,surprise Im still alive and kicking (just about). Just found the site,its great reading about the old boys (excluding me im 72 ).3rd RTR were the greatest and will always be(green flash)
King regards to all those that remember me.

NameNeil Lizard Thomas (Tomo)
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Servedbrats+10
Regt/Sqn (s)A sqn, Recce Troop, Y Sqn and HQ Troop
email addressneil_297@hotmail.com
MessageA massive 70 ton hello to all those 'tankies' who remember me. Looking through the pictures gave me wonderful flashbacks of a youth gone by and God we all looked so young back in the 80s and 90s!

I'm still in contact with my good friend Chris Smith (B Sqn and RECCE Troop), who also enjoyed the photos.

I still have professional links with the RAC, often attending meetings at Bovington and Abbey Wood in Filton with the Armoured Vehicle Programme. But to this day, the sounds and smell of tanks still makes the hair on the back of my head stand on end - wonderful and wouldn't change a thing.

All the best and thank you for the memories.

Namejake milward
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served1956-1982
Regt/Sqn (s)3RTR
MessageSorry to say Big Jake Milward passed away on Monday 9th May 2016

Namestephen [ernie] wise
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served1971-85
Regt/Sqn (s)cpl 3 RTR hq sqn, mt ,tech stores
email addressstephen.wise@hotmail.co.uk
Messagejust found this site

hi to everyone who knows me

NameHarrie Raaijmakers
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served37 years in to the Dutch Army 1971 - 2008
Regt/Sqn (s)Royal Horse Artillery
MessageI am now the secretary of the Foundation "Stichting HMMH" Memorial Monument in the village of Helmond/ Mierlo-Hout.
I am searching for details abbout Second Lieutenant John Bruce Millar.
He be killed during the liberation of Mierlo-Hout Helmond.
Can you help me, toget become the names of his tankcrew.
The date he passed away: 22 september 1944.

Locationclick picture for more information
Years ServedFather served '69 to 1982
Regt/Sqn (s)3RTR
email addressClaire.Will@ymail.com
MessageMy father died 04 Jul 2014, Hemet, California USA.

Neil D. Allen 24174328

Known to some as DOOMBRAIN, was always reminessing about his times with 3RTR. For all his grumbling, he loved and missed it.

Would love to hear others stories about him and his unit.

Kindest regards


NameLance Seviour
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served1983-1987
Regt/Sqn (s)3 RTR, D sqn, F sqn and recce troop France.
MessageGreat Site and great times serving with the guys in Germany, Canada, France and Cyprus !

Name'Binns' Merrifield
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served1984 -1991
Regt/Sqn (s)B and HQ
email addresscjmactive8@gmail.com
MessageLook back with fond memories of time served and have never found a time to equal it

NameNeil Murray
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served14
Regt/Sqn (s)9/12 Royal Lacers
email addressneil281966@yahoo.co.uk
MessageGood Times good Sqn A1 Reg 3RTR Very found memories

NameJimmy Quin
Locationclick picture for more information
Years Served25
Regt/Sqn (s)4 RTR - RHQ
email addressj.quin767@btinternet.com
MessageHello. As an ex 4 RTR Chief Clerk, I came across your guestbook today. I am looking to find information on Bill Close 3 RTR who fought in WW2. I have a friend Dr Ken Tout who is researching into writing a book about Bill Close after VE Day. If anyone knows anything that might help him with the research it would be most appreciated.

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