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NameFrank A. Gonzales RM3
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MessageThis is my 2nd write up!!
Went to Great Lakes Boot Camp June 1964
RM "A" School, Bainbridge, Md. Class 6-65, graduating March
1965 @ only 18 wpm, the minimum.
Aboard USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, CVA-42
CE Div. March 1965-Jan. 1966, as CW operator, 6's
Alfa during Med Cruise. Forgot....tried out during RM A
School, for. Navy UDT School (Later Seals) Did not qualify,
needless to say. Twice volunteered for PBR Duty,
"Brown water " Navy, twice turndown. ( a good thing) probably
wouldn't be here, today). Participated in Navy first class of
black shoe RM's, off ships to fly in P3A aircraft,
chasing Russian Submarines all over the world!!
Great duty!! I should have stayed in the Navy. Best years of my life!! Anyone who was receiving morse code from me was
hearing at least 30-35 wpm, from a speed key operator!j
Still can send/receive 15-20 wpm, 44 years later.
I was discharged in May 1968, after accumulating over 1600 hours ad flight communicator with VP-49, out of Pax (Patuxent River) Maryland. I want to hear from anyone who served,
either on The Roosy or with VP-49 !! My email address is [email protected] I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area!

NameFrank A. Gonzales
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MessageI went to RM "A" School, Class 6/65. Bainbridge, Md.
Sent to U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, CVA-42
Made Med Cruise 1965. Volunteered twice for PBR Duty, Vietnam and turn downed twice by US Navy. Was morse code operator on 6's Alfa, was net controller aboard the Roosevelt. Finally volunteered for VP-49, flight crew member. Flew out if home base, Patuxent River, Md. Participated in 2 deployments. First was Adak , Alaska Jan-Jun 1966.
Second, our of Kindley AFB, Bermuda, Jan.-Jun. 1967.
Flew on Recovery of Gemini 12, out of Ascension Island, South Africa, 1966!! Accumulated over 1700 hours in P3A aircraft as flight communicator, send and receive, 30-35 mpm.
My squadron, VP-49 was deployed to Thailand when I was discharged in May 1965.

Namecharles smith
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Messagewas stationed at NTCC subic 82-84, navcommsta san miguel 84-86,

remember chief stoddard
jess stancheck
chris howard
kurt fry
marc beraud

NameHans Brakob
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MessageI joined USNRMA way back when, but lost track. How do I rejoin? Served 1958 to 1979. Ex-NBFP, NHXW, NIDU, NFUF, NAM, NPN, misc others. Retired RMCM now in Minnesota summer, Arizona winter.

NameThomas L. Hill
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MessageBoot Camp in Great Lakes summer of 1980 followed
by RM A School in San Diego. Finished RM A School
early due to the self paced course that was in
place at that time.
NAVFAC GUAM 11/1980 - 03/1982 RMSN
USS DAVIDSON (FF-1045) 04/1982 - 04/1984 RM2
NTCC PEARL HARBOR 05/1984 - 08/1986 RM1
USS CONSTELLATION 09/1986 - 11/1986 RM1
NAVAL STATION SAN DIEGO 11/1986 - 05/1987 RM1
USS HOEL (DDG-13) 05/1987 - 05/1990 RM1
05/1990 - 05/1993 RM1

NameGlen E Kelly
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MessageUSN from 1958 to 1961 then USNRR into 1964. Inlisted as EFSR as E1; advanced to E2 out of basic; E3 out of RM 'A' school; E4 after year at NAVCOMSTA SD; then to E5 while at Midway Is. in 1961. Never stood a successful radio watch--taking code and doing another task, like actually reading it was beyond my capability, so I worked at jobs that normally would be assigned to an ET. Told the turkeys when they assigned me to RM school that I had flunked the clerical part of the testing at boot camp. But, no...EFSR to RM in one easy 'Navy Way' goof-up. But, what the heck. Got married to a WAVE at NAVCOMSTA and she is still with me. smilie

Namerichard bonilla
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MessageRM1, stationed in Naples numerous years. 1976-78 Navcamsmed tech contol, Comcargru two out of Naples 78-80. USS PETERSON (DD-69) 80-81 NORFOLK. 81-85 Navcamsmed Naples tech contol. USNS Saturn 86-87. Navcomsta Sigonella Sicily tech control 90-93. Prior to all that was in the USMC guess where
Marine Barracks NAPLES 71-73. So u old guys Swiss Bar, San Fran, Lorrie Bar, Jacks House, El Morroco, HIDEAWAY Hotel Bar to name a few and yes the Flamingo Club and NAVSUPPACT Agnano EM CLUB.
I still hear Echo India's (EI's} in my sleep and its musuc to my ears. Not much going for me, still drink lots of beer and look at pretty women.
If the U.S. government and Military would keep all that claasified Traffic off the computers and used good ole day classified ckts they would'nt be all these leaks going on. AIN'T nothing can replace good ole RADIOMEN and their Equipment NOTHING.

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MessageBasic Trng. Company 082 Div5, San Diego, CA 1986
Radioman "A" School, 1986
USS Midway 1986-1988,Yokosuka Japan
USNS Mispillion, Subic Bay, Philippines/Decom San Francisco, CA
USNS Catawba, Subic Bay, Philippines
NRTF Capas Tarlac, Philippines
COMFLEACT, Chinhae, Korea
Comdesron 13 Staff, San Diego, CA
Comphibron 5 Staff, San Diego, CA aboard the USS Essex

Served 11 years and enjoyed the traveling all over the world. Primariy in the Pacific.
Completed Law Enforcement Training in the State of North Carolina and have been a deputy sheriff for the past 15 years.


NameDonna mcBroom
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MessageFigured I'd do the duty station thing...
Bootcamp Aug 1977 Orlando, FL
RM "A" school San Diego, CA
NAVCAMS Eastpac Wahiawa, HI 77-81
NAVCAMS Eastpac Wahiawa, HI 84-87
Defense Comms, DC 87-90
NAVCOMMSTA Thurso, Scotland 90-92
Instructor RM "A" school San Diego, CA 95-96
Instructor RM "A" school Great Lakes, IL 96-00
Retired 2000

NameRM1 Donna McBroom
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MessageHow do I join?

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