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NameRMCS(SW) Bill Keenan
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MessageBootcamp at Bainbridge, MD
RM "A" School Bainbridge, MD
USS Boxer CVS-21
USS Tripoli T-CVU-64
USS Tarawa CVS-40
NavSta Rota, SP
NavCommSta WashDC
USS Blue DD-744
USS Talbot DEG/FFG-4
NRTC Bridgeport, CT.
USS Guam LPH-9

Namebob skyles
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Messagerm onboard uss parsons ddg 33 73-75 rma school san diego 73 disabled living in the philippines email [email protected]

NamePatrick A. Gray RM1(SS)
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MessageBoot Camp 1980 (Great Lakes)
B/EE and RMA School 1980 (San Diego)
Radioman SETTs School 1980 - 81 (Groton)
USS Sea Devil 1981 - 84 (Charleston / Norfolk)
Comsublant 1984 - 87 (Norfolk)
ComSubRon 6 1987 - 90 (Norfolk)
Radioman Sub School 1990 - 91 (Groton)
Uss Salt Lake City 1991 - 94 (Vallejo / San Diego)
ComDevGru One 1994 - 95 (San Diego)
Medical Discharge May 1995

NameMicheal R. Marshall, RM2
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MessageBoot camp NTC Great Lakes in 1964
Radioman "A" School Bainbridge MD, Class 8A 1965
1965 -67 U.S.S. William M. Wood, DD-715, RMSN with CCDL Speedkey Cert.
Operated K1RNA/MM/KG4/KV4/KP4 and ran phone patches galore. Made RM3
and two Med cruises. Had CONDESRON 36 flag aboard and 15 RM's went
Port & Starboard. BAD NEWS! Flag RMC would change xmtrs & rcvrs on
the patch panel when we wern't looking. Ships RM's caught flack for his
handy work! (until we caught him at it). Excellent radio crew. The best
communicators ever!
1967 - 68 U.S.S. Henley, DD-762, Reserve can. Made RM2 after a good ORI.
Three RM's cadre crew. One RMC, one RM2 (me) and 1 RM3. A/C in
radio shack was a screen door (HONEST!). One weekend a month at sea.
Two weeks at sea once a year. It was tough but sombody had to do it (HI).
1968 - Got a FLASH msg from CIVLANT. No more FTG GITMO! No more
Naples! No more Texas Bar, New York Bar, etc. etc. etc.

NameJ York (RMC Ret)
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MessageForgot to post one of my memorable duty stations:
USS Pensacola (LSD-38) out of Little Creek, Va.
Does anyone recognize any of the following?

NameJ York (RMC Ret)
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MessageJoined USN Oct 59. RM A school SDiego Dec59/May60.
Comphibron 5 staff (SDIEGO)Embarked USS Calvert (APA 32) and USS Paul Revere (APA 248)
USS Winston (AKA 94)
USS UVALDE (AKA 88)(Gitmo missile blockade)NORVA
USS DYESS (DD 880) Vietnam 67/68 HMPT: Newport,RI
RM B school Bainbridge, MD
ASC Guam
Transmitter facility Driver, Va
High Level/Low Level TTY repair Norfolk, Va
USNAWF St Mawgan, UK
USS Nashville (LPD-13)(Evac of Beirut, Lebonan)
SIMA Norfolk,Va
NavSubBase Kings Bay, Ga
Many MED and West PAC deployments. Enjoyed all of them, hardly remember the parts I didn't like.
Fulfilled orig enlistment Oct 63. Re-entered Oct 65 and retired Nov 1985. Work for Gov't contractor training RM's (now IT's)and been here for almost 25 years. I've seen comm progress from CW to Satellite comm and IP connectivity. Met a lot of good folks during my active duty time. If anyone sees this and recognizes my name, zip me an email.

NameWarren A. Dennis
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MessageJoined Navy 10/74 Boot Camp Orlando, Fla
Radioman "A" School, San Dieago, CA 01/75-05/75
Comfltair, Keflavik, Icland 06/75-06/76
USS Edward McDonnell FF1043, Mayport, Fla 06/76-10/78. Got out as a RM2.

Enjoyed my four years and my rating as a Radioman.

NamePhil "Mac" McLaughlin RM2
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MessageRTC San Diego (company 016)
RM "A" NTC San Diego, Ca.
NavCamsLant Norfolk, Va.
USS Guam LPH-9(NavMacs V-3)

Dec 20 1982-Dec 19 1986

NameAnthony D. Jordan
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MessageI was in the Navy from 1980-86. I attended Basic Training (Company 228) and Radioman 'A' school in San Diego, California. I was a Radioman third class stationed aboard the USS Kansas City (AOR 3) out of Naval Air Station, Alameda, California 1981-83. I would of probably enjoyed being a Radioman aboard the K.C. if I would of worked with more matured co-workers. But I enjoyed visiting different countries.

NameDave Lane
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MessageBoot camp 65, Great Lakes. 'A' school 65, Bainbridge, then on to Guam till Dec. 67.
Then the Hancock CVA-19 until 2-69.

I really liked working the 'bug' while on Guam and became pretty good. I still remember working the USNS Card as he was the fastest in the Pacific and there were only a few of us who could handle him.

Anyone out there that remembers me, give me a shout via e-mail.

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