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Name Darrell D. Tegtmeyer
Date 2009-02-27 11:26:07
Message Don't see any farmiliar names. But its been over thirty years since I retired.

Name B.E. Wylie
Date 2009-07-05 01:50:27
Message God loves Radiomen!! Paul Newman, the Actor, WAS a Radioman on the USS Little Rock! Paul Harvey of ABC Radio, WAS a Radioman! Richard Marcinko, the former Navy SEAL Commander, was a Radioman First Class! Everett Hyland, the famous World War II veteran on the USS Pennsylvania, was a Radioman Third Class! You never know who may have served as a Radioman. RMs are among the best and still regarded with honor around the world

Name Jim Johnson
Date 2008-11-26 13:19:31
Message ITC, USNR (Ret) 2002

Name RM1 Linda Day Burkholder, USN, Retired
Date 2010-06-07 21:38:38
Message INT ZBZ?
Oh how I miss being active duty and a radioman!
RMA school 1984
NTCC's Portsmouth and Little Creek
NAS Bermuda
FSSC DET one Amchitka
I loved being a radioman. 12 hour watches, busy friday nights, slow sunday days, paper tape footballs to get across the net, OCR readers jamming up, circuits to troubleshoot, movin' traffic with no "nondees", doing HJ's... Technical advancements were fast and furious for my entire career. Went from a teletype to a PC in about 10 years. When I finally landed orders to RIXT school it became obsolete a year later! I'm pretty sure that even now I could construct a perfect header with a complete FL2.
I was placed on the TDRL in 1999 and then retired in 2004. I really do miss it.
Hope all you radioman out there are doing well!

Name Dennis M. Williams
Date 2011-02-13 16:48:54
Message Bootcamp 10-69 N.T.C. Great lakes Ill.
Radioman "A" school 9-18-70 class 7024A San Diego
70-73 Fleet Operations Control Center Pacific (Foccpac) Kunia, Oahu Hawaii
73-76 U.S.S. Enterprise cvan-65 West-pac cruse started in message center. Then transfered to Tech control while in Indian ocean. Made RM2 in Singapore 1975. After Operation Frequent Wind april 75 crused back to N.A.S. Alameda Ca. home port. Great guestbook enjoy reading all messages QRK-5 TKS to all who served God bless the RM rating

Name John Whitlock
Date 2010-03-07 15:38:24
Message Graduated RM "A" School 1970. Stationed for 4 years at NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Got out in 1973, used the old GI Bill to get my Masters degree. Re-entered the service in 1976 and served over 2 years USS Mount Whitney out of Norfolk VA. Cross-rated to CTA and left the service in 1990 (did not retire)as a CTA1. Mostly remember my first tour as being the most memorable as far as location and the guys I worked with were superb.

Date 2010-06-07 11:19:36
Message I spent almost three years on the Bigelow, DD942, as a radioman, did two tours of the med. and loved it...would do it again if i could

Name (RM2) ITC Curt Glaser
Date 2010-09-18 07:26:26
Message RM "A" School 1985
RM2 - USS McClusky, FFG-41 (1985-1988)
--- 11 Year Break ---
IT2 - NCTAMSPAC Det G, USNR (1999-2007)
IT1 - CNRSW Office of Emgy Mgmt, USNR (2007-2009)
ITC - NCTAMSPAC Det G, USNR (2009 - Present)

Currently mobilized in support of OEF!

Name (RM2) ITC Curt Glaser
Date 2010-09-18 07:26:25
Message RM "A" School 1985
RM2 - USS McClusky, FFG-41 (1985-1988)
--- 11 Year Break ---
IT2 - NCTAMSPAC Det G, USNR (1999-2007)
IT1 - CNRSW Office of Emgy Mgmt, USNR (2007-2009)
ITC - NCTAMSPAC Det G, USNR (2009 - Present)

Currently mobilized in support of OEF!

Name Dennis Nelson
Date 2009-04-03 11:51:59
Message Served on the USS Noa 61 - 65

Name RM3 David Long
Date 2010-09-16 21:29:08
Message Boot camp great lakes 1961. Radio A school in Norfolk 61-62. USS Mt. Mckinley, 62-65. Made some good friends, stationed on both east and west coasts. Med cruise 1963. Westpac 1965. Landing at Danang Vietnam in March 1965.
Would do it again.

Name Fred H. Elam RM2
Date 2010-09-16 12:00:54
Message Hello Fellow Ditti-Boppers!
Boot camp San Diego 1959
RM "A" school San Diego 3rd in class
Served 22 months on USS James E Kyes DD787 and Flagship Squadron 3 First ship off coast of Nam in 1960 when Laos broke out.
Stole Marine guidon flag in Subic Bay--3 days of fighting broke out and we ran them out of port!
Too many memories to recount them all--being on a destroyer was like McHale's navy!!! Loved it!!
Took a 69 deg roll during storms at sea!!
NAS Miramar 14 months--best chow in military!
Wished 10,000 times that I had stayed in....!
God bless you all!!!

Name RM2 Garry Seay
Date 2009-08-07 08:33:52
Message Served in the navy from feb 71 til dec 76. Served aboard the USS Mt Whitney from feb 72 - july 75. Back in the Navy as a Tar in the first gulf war. Things had really changed especially in the radio shack.

Name Regina (Gina) Sebastian
Date 2009-03-20 13:53:39
Message Got out as a RM1 - 1982
Bootcamp - Orlando Apr76 - May 76 (SN)
RM "A" - San Diego June 76-Aug 76 - Pushbutton RM3
NAVCOMSTA Keflavik Iceland - Sept 76 -Sept 77
NAVCOMSTA Balboa Canal Zone Sept 77-Sept 79 RM2
COMSYSTECH San Diego Sept79-Dec79(3rd in class)
NAVCAMSLANT NORFOLK(Tech Control)Jan 79-Mar82 RM1

Name Ray Edwards
Date 2008-11-23 05:12:23
Message Served aboard USS Ranger CVA-61 1976-79.
Civilian live has been great to me, working for Xerox since 1979.

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