Huddleston Family History in the UK

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Name Mark Huddleston
Date 2013-06-20 05:44:54
Message Hi I will be back soon with more info regarding my family tree.

Name Lora Phillips
Date 2013-06-25 16:53:06
Message trying to find the parents of John Huddleston born 1963 in england. His sond was Daniel who located to virginia

Name Tarra Pope-Savoie
Date 2013-07-02 23:05:29
Message Adoptee researching birth family, including Adam and Roseina Huddlestone who were born/married in Leicestershire, England, and immigrated to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Name Tarra Pope-Savoie
Date 2013-07-02 23:16:40
Message further to my last entry....

My greatx5 Grandparents were:
Adam Huddleston/Huddlestone dob:March 27/1834
Roseina Barnes dob: June 1841
They were married: June 1859 in Leicestershire, England.

I think Adam had a brother who also moved to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada named:
Thomas Huddleston/Huddlestone dob: ??

Being a adoptee it is difficult to research because I have no one to "check and balance" my research with. If anyone can assist me in determining Adam and Roseina's ancestors I would be very++ grateful.

Thank you in advance.


Name Dave Roberts
Date 2013-08-28 21:45:09
Message My GG Grandmother was Christiana Matilda Huddleston, born about 1822. She married Alfred Nash 21 Aug 1845 at St Swithin's, Lincolnshire. The couple with 4 boys, Alfred Osborn(1846-1904), William Huddleston(1847-1909), Patrick Drummond(1851-1920), & Arthur Henry(1852-1923) came to South Australia in Jan 1853 on the barque "Mayflower".

Christiana's father was William Huddleston of Northfleet, Kent and her mother was Easter Drummond.

Looking to share any information, photos etc about this Huddleston line.

Dave Roberts
Adelaide, South Australia

Name Andrew Huddleston
Date 2013-12-19 12:12:28
Message Hi, I'm Andrew Huddleston, son of David Paul Huddleston, and grandson of Francis (Frank) George Huddleston. Both myself and the majority of my family live in Liverpool, England. I've just started researching my family tree and I'm eager to find more of the family. The furthest back I have gone which is confirmed is my great grandfather George Huddleston (1894-1962) - whom I believe is the brother of John James, Mary Agnes, Francis, Lucy and Catherine Huddleston.

Hope to hear from someone with more info.

Name Dan Stubbs
Date 2014-01-18 16:49:49
Message my mother is a huddleston

Name gregory dublar
Date 2014-07-05 13:08:19
Message avis huddleston was my g-g-grandmother by marrige

Name Mark
Date 2014-07-17 05:02:41
Message Hi, My grandmother was Pauline Huddleston and her mother (my great grandmother) was Alice Maud Huddleston, born 11th of February 1883 in Norwich, Norfolk England with the maiden name of Vincent. I do not know when she passed away but found some records of her traveling in 1927.

Trying to find out more about my great grandfather and his family, also the Vincent family.

Look forward to hearing from someone,

Name Gale Bradley Huddleston
Date 2014-09-08 18:26:54
Message Would like more information on my English ancestors

Name Dave Harris
Date 2015-03-02 17:02:15
Message I am researching the Huddlestone family for a friend who is related to the Huddlestone's. We have traced the family back to an Anthony Huddlestone who married Sarah Harrison at Bicker, Lincolnshire in April 1781, but can't trace his birth. Many of the Huddlestone's seemed to come from Lancashire but can't find a connection. There is a rumour he may have been Catholic but not sure on the source of that. Any information gratefully received.

Name alfred mcdonald
Date 2015-11-11 13:54:59
Message i am trying to find out about the civil war battle that happened at millom castle.

Name Stuart Cresswell
Date 2018-05-17 04:10:41
Message My mother's family was HUDDLESTON - formerly CROFT. The name was changed in 1819 when George CROFT inherited the estate of George HUDDLESTON of Croydon but of the Lincolnshire family. Our HUDDLESTONs are spread over particularly New Zealand, Canada (and from there USA), Australia, South Africa and UK. Only the Canadian family are still HUDDLESTONs, the other branches having ended in girls. I have family history back to 1500s and am trying to write it up.

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